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SOME STAT RECAP.....Th, 10/19/17
Posted on: 10-19-2017

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    Updates on the All-Time Top Ten Lists at the conclusion of the 2017 season:

    Ed Kaltz played his 36th season of our 39, one shy of Coach Kurt's record
37.  (C-K spent two years including this one on the medical DL.)
    Mr. Ed also surpassed the 2000 at-bat plateau with 2011 as the career leader.
Kaltz also is first in history with 663 games played, 898 in runs scored, 1057 in
hits and 179 in bases-on-balls.

    Harry Penczak leap-frogged Legendary Larry Paladino into fifth most games
played (434 to 431).  Hurler Harry, who holds almost all career team pitching
records in his 19 seasons, increased his win total to 212 in 372 games on the

    MGR Erik Schneider guided the club to the spring/summer division title.
EMS moved ahead of Jim Duda for third most homeruns in team history (35-to-33).
Erik also moved ahead of John "Suitcoat" O'Donnell into sixth place on the career
walks list (84-to-72).    

    Jake Page's ankle surgery that forced him to miss the fall playoffs left him
stuck at both 99 career hits and 99 RBIs in his four seasons.

    Brandon Proffer crashed the Top Ten errors list with 60 career Es, then
quit the team taking his .217-BA this season with him.

>>>     2017 Season Leaders.....

Games Played:  Greg Hoobler, Harry Penczak, Erik Schneider & Greg Hoobler
were present for all 26 games (including 3 forfeits).  That's the most tied for
the team lead since five players appeared in 19 games in the 1999 season.

At-Bats:  Greg Hoobler had 77 ABs, many out of the #11 spot in the lineup.

Runs:  Greg Hoobler with 57, an estimated 50% as a courtesy runner, the most
since Jeff Crawford's team record 79 in 2011.

Hits:  Erik Schneider had 44, three more than Jeff Sakata who played six fewer
games.  It's the third consecutive year and sixth time overall Erik has led a
season in safeties.

Doubles:  Erik Schneider's 8 led the team, his sixth straight season and seventh
overall in most two-baggers.

Triples:  Jake Page led for the first time with six, then missed the fall playoffs
due to ankle surgery.  Go figure.

Homers:  Brandon Chappell who played spring/summer season and David Balaze
who played fall season had three each.  For both these were their first trio of
career HR.  It's the first time we've had a tie for team leader in homeruns since
1991 when Bob Blair and Chris Distefano also had three each.

RBIs:  Erik Schneider was tops with 44, the fifth straight year and sixth overall
he's led in this category.  

Bases-On-Balls:  Harry Penczak received 20 free passes, the third time he's
led in walks (which are at the same pace as he runs).

Intentional Walks:  Our lone IW went to Greg Hoobler who, ironically, had the
fewest number of walks per plate appearance among our regulars.

Sac-Flies:  David Balaze, Greg Hoobler, Brandon Rice, Erik Schneider & Zach
Smith each had three.  The last and only other time five players tied for the
team lead was in 1982 when Dan Ewald Sr., Dave Geraci, Phil Guastella, Larry
Paladino and Brian Schneider all had two.

Batting Average:  Lead-off man Jeff Sakata hit .736 for his third consecutive
batting title and best mark by far.

Strikeouts:  Greg Hoobler and Jake Page both had three.  While most of the
team's 21 were on last strike fouls, Zach Smith managed to get called out two
weeks in a row.

Errors:  3Bman Zach Smith found out why it's called the Hot Corner with 20.
He was more steady at season's end to avoid tying the team record of 23
(Jimmy "Walker" Sosa in 2013 & Mike Newcomb in 2015).

Error Note #2:  The team was errorless in the fall championship tournament
until the final two innings of the title game when David Balaze made a pair
of miscues in RField, his only two errors of the year.



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