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Posted on: 10-17-2017

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    The GETdetroitsports.com softballers were awarded two sets of
championship shirts on MON, OCT 16TH.  The first was for their 10-0
Fall regular season division title.  The second came after a doubleheader
win on this date in the post-season tournament.iwc aquatimer replica watches

    The unbeaten 12-0 fall earned our heroes their third league and fifth
playoff championship in four years of participation in Sterling Heights
Park & Rec play.

    Having earned an opening round bye in the tourney our lads automatically
advanced to the semis vs fourth place Murphees H/C, a first round winner vs
the 5th place Silver Snakes.
    This game was a rout from the first inning onward to a quick three and a
half inning 22-4 mercy-kill in the shortest time frame possible.
    The GETdetroitsports.com team scored 10 runs before an out was recorded
in a 13-run/B-1st.  The outburst was highlighted by a pair of inside-the-park
homers from Tony Evanoff (3-R) and David Balaze (2-R).
    Evanoff was 3-for-3 with a double, triple, homer, 3-R & 5-RBI, falling a
single shy of the cycle because the abbreviated game denied our entire lineup
of a fourth at-bat.
    Every softie hit safely, 10-of-11 crossed the plate and 10-of-11 collected RBIs.
The hitting was so efficient we stranded only one man on base.
    The defense was errorless and turned a double play in the T-4th to hasten
the finish.

Murphees H/C                   4-6-2, 7-LOB
GETdetroitsports.com       22-19-0, 1-LOB.....(3.1/2-INN Mercy)


2B.....SAKATA.....2-for-2, 3-R, 1-RBI, 1-W
P.....PENCZAK.....2-for-3, 2-RBI, 1-2B.....4-IP, 4-R/4-ER, 6-W, 1-K, CG, (W)
1B.....SCHNEIDER.....1-for-2, 2-R, 2-RBI, 1-SFly
RF.....BALAZE.....2-for-3, 3-R, 3-RBI, 1-HR
SS.....NEWCOMB.....1-for-3, 1-R
3B.....SMITH.....1-for-2, 2-R, 2-RBI, 1-W
RCF.....EVANOFF.....3-for-3, 3-R, 5-RBI, 1-2B, 1-3B, 1-HR
CA.....RICE.....1-for-2, 2-R, 1-RBI, 1-W
AH.....KALTZ.....2-for-3, 2-R, 1-RBI
LF.....VANDERBEKE.....2-for-3, 2-R, 1-RBI
LCF.....HOOBLER.....2-for-2, 2-R, 2-RBI
TEAM TOTALS......19-for-28, 22-R, 20-RBI, 2-2B, 1-3B, 2-HR, 3-W, 1-SFly...0-E


    The championship final was a meeting of the first and second seeds.
Darling Bolt was the opposition, their only fall schedule defeat (9-1) vs us.
    Trailing 9-0 and with only one basehit in the Mid-3rd, the Gds.com squad
got back in the game with an 8-R/B-3rd on their way to a nail-biting but
entertaining 18-16 victory halted by time-limit after five and a half innings.
    The B-3rd comeback was highlighted by Erik Schneider's 3rHR over the
RCField fence that put the score at 9-5.
    Our guys didn't take the lead until their final at-bats in the B-5th.  Jeff
Sakata's 2-run single tied the game 14-all and Harry Penczak followed with
another 2-run safety to put the Gds.com team ahead to stay.
    Schneider was 2-for-4 with 2-R & 4-RBI.  Sakata went 2-for-3 plus a walk
with 3-R & 3-RBI.  Hurler Harry had trouble finding the plate from the mound
by issuing a season-high eight free passes, but had no trouble at the dish with
the bat by going 3-for-4 with his second double of the doubleheader and 3-RBI.
Greg Hoobler was 2-for-3 with 6-R, two of his own and four as a courtesy runner.
    The enemy scored twice but left the bases loaded in the T-6th to end the
    Three days removed from ankle surgery, CA Jake Page circled the bases
on his scooter in a solo post-game celebration.    

Darling Bolt                      16-17-7, 10-LOB  
GETdetroitsports.com       18-17-2, 7-LOB.....(6-INN, T-Limit)


2B.....SAKATA.....2-for-3, 3-R, 3-RBI, 1-W
P.....PENCZAK.....3-for-4, 3-RBI, 1-2B.....6-IP, 16-R/13-ER, 8-W/1-IW, 1-K, CG, (W)
1B.....SCHNEIDER.....2-for-4, 2-R, 4-RBI, 1-HR
RF.....BALAZE.....2-for-3, 2-R, 1-RBI, 1-SFly...2-E
SS.....NEWCOMB.....1-for-3, 1-RBI, 1-W
3B.....SMITH.....0-for-3, 1-W
RCF.....EVANOFF.....1-for-3, 1-R, 1-W
CA.....RICE......1-for-4, 1-RBI
AH.....KALTZ.....2-for-2, 2-R, 2-RBI, 1-W
LF.....VANDERBEKE.....1-for-3, 2-R
LCF.....HOOBLER.....2-for-3, 6-R
TEAM TOTALS.....17-for-35, 18-R, 15-RBI, 1-2B, 1-HR, 5-W, 1-SFly...2-E


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