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Posted on: 07-19-2017

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    With first place on the line the division leading GETdetroitsports.com
team played a solid contest against a TLC club that mercied our lads in
Wk-4, posting a 14-5 victory on July 17th.
    Had the decision gone the other way the two teams would have been
tied in the standings.
    The complete game win belonged to Harry "Prima Donna" Penczak,
the 200th of his storied 19 year career with our squad.  Hurler Harry
allowed 5-R/4-ER and helped himself at the plate by going 2-for-3 plus a
    The Gds.com unit took a 6-0/T-1st lead in an inning capped by Tony
Evanoff's 2-run triple.  With the help of an error the enemy drew within
6-2/B-3rd.  However, our bulge increased to 14-2 before TLC scored a
trio of meaningless runs in the B-7th.
    Mike Newcomb and Brandon Chappell both went 3-for-4.  Nuke doubled
twice with 3-R & 2-RBI while Brandon #2 had 1-R & 3-RBI.  Evanoff was
2-for-4 with 3-R, and his 2-RBI trifecta.
    An alumni guest in attendance was Dave Geraci, our team's all-time
leader in fielding errors with 153 in his 30 year career.  Somehow,
Buckeye Dave managed to get hit with a batted ball during batting practice.
    Headed into our final bye week and with three weeks left in the spring/
summer regular season the top of the standings read:  1st place
GETdetroitsports.com (8-2, two games remaining); 2nd place DeWALT a
half game back (7-2, three games to play); 3rd place TLC two games behind
(6-4, two games left).        
GETdetroitsports.com       14-16-2, 6-LOB
TLC                                   5-9-5, 7-LOB


LCF.....HOOBLER.....0-for-5, 1-R...1-E
CA.....KALTZ.....0-for-1, 2-W
    > PR-CA.....PAGE.....0-for-1, 2-R, 1-W
1B.....SCHNEIDER, E.....2-for-4, 1-R
SS.....NEWCOMB.....3-for-4, 3-R, 2-RBI, 2-2B
RF.....CHAPPELL.....3-for-4, 1-R, 3-RBI
P.....PENCZAK.....2-for-3, 1-W.....7-IP, 5-R/4-ER, 2-W, 1-K, CG, (W)
3B.....SMITH.....1-for-3, 3-R, 1-W
RCF.....EVANOFF.....2-for-4, 3-R, 2-RBI, 1-3B
2B.....PROFFER.....1-for-4, 1-RBI...1-E
LF.....VANDERBEKE.....2-for-3, 2-RBI, 1-W
TEAM TOTALS.....16-for-36, 14-R, 10-RBI, 2-2B, 1-3B, 6-W...2-E


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