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NON-OPENER.....M, 9/12/16
Posted on: 09-23-2016

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    Due to a scheduling mistake by the league manager, the fall season
failed to open for the GETdetroitsports.com team on M, 9/12/16.
    The posted schedule had the Gds.com squad facing the Ball Bashers
while the correct schedule e-mailed to the managers listed the Super
Smash Brothers as our foes.
    The Ball Bashers failed to appear, since they correctly stayed home
on their bye week.  Those Smash Bros. who arrived at the complex went
back home when they looked on the posted slate of games and failed to
find their team listed.
    The unplayed games will be made up at later dates.
    Thus, the night turned into an extended team batting practice for
our lads.
    Special thanks to veteran Detroit Press Club hurler Gary Lesnau who
made the unnecessary trip from Dearborn to Sterling Hgts. as a planned
substitute for Honeymooning Harry.
    Dogs & suds afterward prevented the evening from being a total loss.


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