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Posted on: 12-06-2014

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>>NOTE.....Due to multiple scorekeepers in second season there are some stat omissions because
all available personnel were often in the field when the opposition was batting.

MON, 9/8/14:

    The GETdetroitsports.com softballers opened the Sterling Hgts. fall season with a doubleheader forfeit victory vs  Fisher Dynamics.
    The opposition showed up with only five players. (Maybe the rest of the team was at the Lions' MNF season opening win.)

MON, 9/15/14:

GETdetroitsports.com     13-20-5, 10-LOB
Ronald McDonald               11-?-2, ?-LOB
    Erik Schneider went 3-for-3 with a double, 1-R & 3-RBI. Tony Evanoff was 3-for-4 with 2-R &
brother Nick went 3-for-5 with 2-R & 2-RBI. Bobcat Blair was 2-for-4 with 3-R & 3-RBI.
Ronald McDonald               12-12-1, 7-LOB
GETdetroitsports.com      7-16-5, 10-LOB
    The enemy earned a doubleheader split because half of The Clown's runs were unearned. Four
Gds.com players went 2-for-3 including Tom Lockard who had a triple, added a walk and scored once.

MON, 9/22/14:

Detroit Drafts                  11-15-2,-10-LOB
GETdetroitsports.com     2-9-8, 11-LOB
    Frankly, a pitiful performance where eight errors allowed eight enemy unearned runs and our
lads stranded 11 men on the bases. Lacking support, pitcher Harry Penczak did his best at bat by
going 3-for-3.
GETdetroitsports.com     2-4-0, 2-LOB.....FORFEIT GAME IN B-1ST
Detroit Drafts                  2-3-0, 2-LOB
    The opposition's repeatedly "shooting-the-middle" during the doubleheader resulted in frustrations boiling over, two Gds ejections and interim MGR Erik Schneider pulling the team off
the field when the umpire declined to control unsafe conditions. The league recorded this as a 2-0
defeat. A subsequent meeting with the S-Hgts Park & Rec department overturned one of the two

MON, 9/29/14:
Donkey Punch                   2-?-1, ?-LOB
GETdetroitsports.com     6-12-2, 6-LOB
    Erik Schneider & Jake Page both were 2-for-3 with 2-RBI. The win went to third string pitcher
Brandon Proffer.
GETdetroitsports.com     11-20-3, 10-LOB....8-INN TIE
Donkey Punch                   11-?-1, 9-LOB
    An extra inning was played where both teams went scoreless for our team's 7th all-time tie game
and the first since 1993. Tom Lockard & Erik Schneider each were 4-for-5 with 2-R, Tommy getting
a double with 1-RBI and EMS a triple with 3-RBI.This result left the Gds squad at 4-3-1, the last time
they'd be above the .500-mark in the fall season.

MON, 10/6/14:

Murphree's H/C                14-?-0, ?-LOB
GETdetroitsports.com     7-14-1, 7-LOB
    Our boys were doubled-up in the doubleheader opener. Hurler Harry went 3-for-4 at the plate
and Brandon Proffer was 2-for-3 with a double, 1-R & 3-RBI.
GETdetroitsports.com     11-18-2, 9-LOB
Murphree's H/C                18-?-1, ?-LOB.....6-INN, Time Limit
    Murf's Men completed a twinbill sweep in spite of a 7-for-8 effort from our top two in the lineup.
Nick Evanoff was 4-for-4 with 1-R & 1-RBI and Jeff Sakata went 3-for-4 with a triple, 1-R & 3-RBI.
Five other Gds players had multiple hits.

MON, 10/13/14:

    The league rules call for a minimum of eight players, we had only seven available, so the Gds
squad was forced to forfeit a doubleheader to Shelby Design Center.

MON, 10/20/14:

Pet Supplies Plus               19-?-0, ?-LOB.....5-INN, Mercy
GETdetroitsports.com     4-6-1, 3-LOB  
    Nobody in the lineup had multiple basehits or RBIs in our only mercy loss of the fall season.
GETdetroitsports.com     7-16-3, 9-LOB
Pet Supplies Plus                15-?-0, ?-LOB
    A better effort, but our boys dropped the nightcap of the D-header. Erik Schneider was 3-for-3
with 1-R and a pair of RBIs and Tom Lockard 3-for-4 with 2-R.

    The GETdetroitsports.com team went 4-9-1 in fall regular season action including a doubleheader
forfeit win, a doubleheader forfeit loss and a DNF defeat to finish 6th in the eight team league.



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