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WASHED OUT AGAIN.....M, 7/15/13
Posted on: 07-16-2013

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    The Detroit Press Club softball team has failed to yet play a game in July.
    After the Fourth-of-July bye week and a single game postponement for poor
field conditions on July 8th, the Clubbers attempted without result to get in a
doubleheader on July 15th.
    In a game that started late and was played entirely in the rain, the visiting
DPC took a 2-0/T-1st lead vs The Well that held up through two and a half innings
until the downpour increased to the point of making the field unplayable shy of
an official game. Attempting the nightcap was impossible due to both heavy rain
and lightning.
    The precipitation wiped-out the return of player-coach Ed Kaltz, who made his
season debut in RField following a DL stint due to cancer treatment.


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