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2012 DPC All-STAR BREAK RECAP.....T 7/10/11
Posted on: 07-10-2012

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    The Detroit Press Club opened up a two game lead in the Monday night Rotunda
softball league as big league baseball paused for the annual July All-Star break.
    Here's a recap of the 2012 DPC season so far.....

PRESS CLUB        24-35-2, 6-LOB
Tank's Tigers        9-15-2, 9-LOB
      The Clubbers brought out the bats for the season opener. Coach Kaltz went
6-for-6 with 6-R & 3-RBI, Erik Schneider was 5-for-6 including a pair of doubles
with 5-R & 5-RBI and Paul Mikula had a 5-for-6 performance with 2-HR, 4-R & 7-RBI.

Oakwood Grille    7-12-3, 12-LOB
PRESS CLUB         5-11-3, 9-LOB
      After two weeks of rainouts both teams brought stale bats in a low scoring
affair. John O'Donnell went 3-for-3 with 1-R. Tom Lockard was 2-for-3, both hits
doubles, with 1-RBI.

Superior Soda Blasters     10-11-8, 4-LOB
PRESS CLUB                     23-23-5, 8-LOB
      A sloppy affair saw a combined 13 errors by the two teams. The Press Club
broke the game open with a 17-R/B-3rd, scoring 10 of those runs with 2-outs. Greg
Handel was 4-for-4 with a homer, 3-R & 3-RBI. Tom Lockard went 3-for-4 with a
pair of doubles and a triple plus 3-R & 2-RBI. Erik Schneider went 3-for-4 with a
two-bagger, 2-R & 2-RBI. Coach Kaltz was 2-for-4, two doubles, 2-R & 4-RBI.

      Back from the Memorial Day bye week the DPC swept their first doubleheader
of the season:
PRESS CLUB     27-31-3, 13-LOB
Top Dog           7-12-3, 8-LOB
      The Clubbers downed the Dogs after taking control in the middle frames.
John O'Donnell was 4-for-6 with 2-R & 1-RBI. Paul Mikula homered as part of a
3-for-5, 2-R & 5-RBI effort. Doug Fry was perfect at 5-for-5 with 3-R & 3-RBI.
Harry Penczak had a 4-for-5, 2-R & 3-RBI night. Coach Kaltz had the go-ahead
RBI in a 3-for-4, 1-R & 3-RBI game.
PRESS CLUB        16-20-4, 11-LOB
Sciclone Fliers     12-20-1, 12-LOB
      The DPC had to hold on in the 7th-INN to secure a nail-biter. Coach Kaltz
was 3-for-4 with a bases-loaded double to get the go-ahead RBI for the second
straight game as he had 2-R & 5-RBI. Mike Khalik was 2-for-4 with a Grand Slam
on his debut night. Erik Schneider had a 3-for-5, two doubles, 2-R & 1-RBI

      Former starting LCFielder Nick Evanoff made a surprise appearance, coming
back from Texas to key the DPC's second consecutive doubleheader sweep:
PRESS CLUB       19-27-4, 9-LOB
Tank's Tigers      4-8-3, 6-LOB
      Back in the lead-off spot, the Nickster went 3-for-3 with 2-R & 1-RBI. Dave
Geraci threw a complete game win with 1-K and no earned runs, also going 2-for-4
at the plate with a stand-up RBI triple. Coach Kaltz was 4-for-4 with 2-R & 2-RBI.
PRESS CLUB     4-7-4, 4-LOB
Oakwood         2-9-0, 4-LOB
      The two teams again played a low scoring affair in their second of three
meetings on the season. Winning pitcher Gary Lesnau allowed 9-H & 0-W with 1-ER
in tossing a complete game. Tom Lockard was 2-for-3 with 1-R and Doug Fry 1-for-3
with 1-RBI.

    The Clubbers made it three straight twinbill sweeps and seven consecutive
PRESS CLUB       18-21-1, 5-LOB
Sciclone Fliers     8-11-2, 8-LOB
      Paul Mikula want 2-for-3 with a pair of 3rHR and 3-R. Harry Penczak fired
a 7-INN complete game win with 1-K and also went 3-for-4 at the plate with 3-R
& 2-RBI.
Superior Soda Blasters     0-8-3, 10-LOB
PRESS CLUB                     19-22-1, 10-LOB
    Dave Geraci (WP) and Gary Lesnau combined to pitch the 6-INN/time-limit
shutout. Greg Handel was 4-for-4 with two triples, 4-R & 6-RBI. Paul Mikula also
went 4-for-4 with 3-R & 2-RBI. Tom Lockard was 3-for-4 with 1-R & 3-RBI.    

PRESS CLUB     27-31-3, 9-LOB
Tank's Tigers    9-17-6, 8-LOB
      An undermanned DPC team nevertheless thrashed the last place Tigers.
Harry Penczak went 4-for-5 with a double, 3-R & 6-RBI. Coach Kaltz was 3-for-5
with a two-bagger, 2-R & 6-RBI. Brandon Proffer had a 4-for-5, double, triple,
3-R & 4-RBI night.

      Back from the 4th-of-July bye week the DPC went from tied for first place
to a two game top spot lead:  
Superior Soda Blasters     1-9-3, 9-LOB
PRESS CLUB                     19-24-0, 7-LOB
      The Clubbers rallied from a sluggish start to score 13-R in their last two at-bats.
Erik Schneider was 3-for-4 with a triple, 3-R & 5-RBI. Paul Mikula was also 3-for-4
with two doubles, a homerun, 2-R & 4-RBI. Harry Perczak had a perfect 3-for-3,
double, 2-R & 4-RBI effort. Doug Fry was also 3-for-3 with a double, R & RBI. Dave
Geraci (3-IP), Penczak (2-IP, 1-ER) and Gary Lesnau (2-IP, Win) combined on the hill,
each permitting 3-H.
PRESS CLUB     13-21-4, 11-LOB
The Well           8-17-1, 13-LOB
      With first place on the line in the nightcap the DPC prevailed in a see-saw affair.  
Erik Schneider hit a 2rHR and Paul Mikula followed with a solo shot to give our heroes
a 3-0/T-1st lead. The Buffaloes would go ahead 5-4 by the End-4th. Mikula hit a 2rHR
to put the Clubbers ahead to stay, Doug Fry an RBI-3B and Greg Handel a sac-fly in a
4-R/T-5th to make it 8-5. The Well closed within 8-7 and 9-8 in their next two ABs.
Handel's 2-R double in the RCField gap came in the middle of a 4-R/T-7th that gave
our lads a 5-R bulge. It went right to the wire, however, as the Buffaloes left the
bases loaded in a scoreless B-7th. Gary Lesnau (3.2-IP, 3-ER, Win) and Harry Penczak
(3.1-IP, 3-ER, Save) combined on the mound. Mikula was 4-for-4, Tom Lockard 3-for-3
and Fry 3-for-4 at the plate.
    The DPC made it 4-for-4 in doubleheader sweeps and 10 consecutive victories to
go to 11-1 on the season. Because The Well lost their first game of the night to the
Sciclone Fliers, they fell from a tie for first into second place at 9-3 on the year, two
games behind the Press Club with six games remaining before the position round finale.


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