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Posted on: 05-25-2011

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    After two weeks of rainouts the detroitsportrs-mcw.com softball team
began play in the Warren Park & Rec league with a doubleheader split on
T 5/10/11 vs 17th Street Bar.
    Each game was a walkoff win with the MCW squad prevailing 18-17 in the
opener and the 17th Streeters 12-11 in the nightcap.


    Our heroes played until the B-5th with only eight men and finished with nine
(still one below par) due to the early 6:10pm start time. The middle infield combo
of Coach Kurt at 2Base and Larry Paladino at SStop set a team record for average
age, just six weeks shy of 65 years old.
    Tom Lockard ran around like crazy in nthe 3-man outfield and still had enough
energy to go 4-for-4 plus 2-W with 3-R & 3-RBI in the lead-off spot. Steve O'Toole
was 3-for-6 with a double, 3-R & 4-RBI. Rookie 3Bman Brandon _____ was 2-for-5
with a double, 2-R & 4-RBI. Winning pitcher Harry Penczak, who took coverage
duties both at the keystone and at the plate, went 4-for-5 with 3-R & 2-RBI.
    Lockard singled to start the B-7th with the game tied 17-all and scored on a 1-out
error at SStop.

17th Street       17-19-2, 4-LOB
MCW                  18-21-6, 7-LOB        


    The enemy rallied to score four times in the B-7th, all with 2-out, to snatch a 12-11
win and earn the split. The game ended on a 3rHR, an inside-the-parker.
    The MCW squad again played with nine players.
    Fill-in player Justin ______ was 4-for-5 with a homerun, 2-R & 5-RBI. Ed Kaltz &
Penczak both went 3-for-4 with EK getting two two-baggers, 2-R & 1-RBI and Hurler
Harry had a triple, R & 3-RBI.

MCW                  11-15-4, 8-LOB
17th Street       12-15-2, 8-LOB


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