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Posted on: 08-30-2010

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      After sending 12 men to the plate in a 7-R/B-1st for a 7-Zip lead,
the Detroit Press Club team lost in the ECSA "Jacket" tournament semi-
finals 15-12 on M 8/30/10 to Top Dogs.
      The DPC scored only 5-R the rest of the way, committed 10 errors to
hand the game to the enemy and went out 1-2-3 with the hammer in the
B-7th. Four of the miscues came in the T-6th when the Dogs took the lead
with 8-R on just 3-H. Ten of the 15-R T-Doggy runs were unearned.
      The Clubbers offense was led by Steve O'Toole who went 3-for-3 with 3-R
and had a 3rHR, a 2rHR and a bases-loaded semi-intentional walk for 6-RBI.
     AH Mike Crawford (who also briefly appeared on the mound in relief) went
2-for-3 with a BB & 1-RBI. Pat Zajch went 2-for-4 with 2-RBI.
    A a weird note...With players wearing various DPC uniform colored tops of
green, gray, blue and orange, three-quarters of the infield (O'Toole at 3Base,
Doug Fry at SStop and Joe Salisbury at 2Base) all wore different shades of
uniform #25.
    The DPC finished the tournament tied for third in the upper "B" bracket.

      Top Dogs       15-15-1, 10-LOB
      DPC                     12-16-10, 8-LOB


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