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Posted on: 07-16-2010

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    The MCW softball squad ended its Warren Park & Rec LGE season with a
doubleheader loss in the opening two rounds of the double elimination mid-
summer tournament.
    After a 6-2 start in league play, the injury decimated MCW squad went
2-8 in both regular season and playoff activity once games were switched
from Halmich Park in North Warren to Wiegand Park in South Warren.
    Our lads just didn't hit well enough in either playoff game, especially the
opener, an 8-3 loss to Alias Bar. Alias took a 4-0 lead before our boys finally
got on the board. In the nightcap an avalanche of eight errors contributed
to seven unearned enemy runs in a 15-9 defeat vs OMB in a contest where
MCW blew an early 5-1 lead.    


MCW       3-10-1, 7-LOB
Alias        8-15-1, 11-LOB


Ray (ss)                       1-for-3, 1-E
Sambrowski (2b-rcf)   1-for-2, 1-R, HR, 2-RBI, SF
Duda (lf)                      0-for-3
O'Toole (3b)                0-for-3
E Schneider (c)           2-for-3
Marty (1b)                   1-for-3
Melki (rcf-lcf)              1-for-3
JP Strnad (rf)              2-for-3, K
Penczak (p)                 0-for-2, 1-R, 1-W; 6-IP/CG, 3-W, 8-R/7-ER, (L)
Zajch (ah)                    1-for-1
  Polisano (2b)             0-for-1
N Evanoff (lcf-ah)        1-for-2, 1-R
TEAM TOTS   =              10-for-29, 3-R, HR, 2-RBI, W, K, SF, E; 6-IP/CG, 3-W, 8-R/7-ER, (L)      


MCW        9-15-8, 10-LOB
OMB         15-23-8, 14-LOB


Duda (lf)                               1-for-4, 1-E
N Evanoff (lcf)                      2-for-4, 2-R, 2B, 2-RBI, E
Ray (ss)                                1-for-3, 2-R, 1-RBI, W, 2-E
O'Toole (3b-p)                      3-for-4, 2-R, 1-RBI; 0.1-IP
E Schneider (c)                    1-for-3, 2-RBI, SF
Marty (1b)                            2-for-3, 2-RBI, SF, 2-E
Melki (rcf)                             0-for-2, E
  JP Strnad (rf)                     0-for-2
Sambrowski (rf-rcf)              1-for-3, 1-R, E
Penczak (p-3b)                     2-for-3; 5.2-IP, 3-W/1-IW, 1-K, 15-R/8-ER, (L)
Polisano (2b)                         0-for-2, 2-R, W
Zajch (ah)                             2-for-3, 2B, 1-RBI
TEAM TOTS  = 15-for-36, 9-R, 2-2B, 9-RBI, 2-W, 2-SF, 8-E; 6-IP, 3-W/1-IW, K, 15-R/8-ER, (L)


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