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Posted on: 07-02-2010

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    The Detroit Press Club posted season-highs of  29 runs and 39 basehits in a 29-7 wipeout
of the Greasy Side on M 6/28/10 to maintain their one game lead in the ECSA division. The
DPC is 9-1 with a third of the regular season remaining and a match-up vs the second place
Southenders looming when play resumes on July 12th.
    The hitting heroes were many, topped by:   Ed Kaltz went 5-for-5, 1-W, 6-R, 4-RBI and, of
course, a sac-fly.....Erik Schneider was 5-for-7 with a double, 3-R & 4-RBI.....Bob Blair had a
5-for-6, two double, 3-R & 4-RBI effort.....Joe Salisbury was 4-for-6 with 3-R & 4-RBI.....Jeff
Crawford went 5-for-7 with a trio of two-baggers, 5-R & 1-RBI.

    DPC                  29-39-3, 15-LOB
    Greasy Side     7-13-3, 8-LOB



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