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Posted on: 06-16-2010

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    The DPC softball squad celebrated Flag Day by waving 17 runners to the plate
in a 17-7 win over the (not so) Superior Soda Blasters.
    Bob Blair clubbed a 2rHR well over the LCField fence (#1 this year, #102 of his
career). Joe Salisbury was 4-for-4 with a double, 3-R & 1-RBI. Sunburned Erik Schneider
went 4-for-5 with a two-bagger, R & 3-RBI. Doug Fry also doubled, was 3-for-5 and
accumulated 4-R with 1-RBI.
    The largest DPC crowd of the season was in attendance including the entire
Salisbury Family and team sponsor Al Watson, DDS (the George Steinbrenner of
Dearborn Rotunda).
    The contest also featured the season debut of new groom Mike McBride in RField.
(He used to play LField until he became an old married man.) McBride went 1-for-2.
    The sixth straight DPC win kept the Clubbers in first place with a 6-1 record.

    DPC                                   17-23-3, 11-LOB
    Superior Soda Blasters     7-14-6, 9-LOB


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