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Posted on: 06-02-2010

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    The MCW Softballers' 5-game Warren Park & Rec LGE winning streak came to
an abrupt end June 1st with a doubleheader defeat to the circuit's perennial
powerhouse team, The Cobras.
    The opening game was a 5-INN mercy loss where our boys had as many errors
as basehits and 3 of the 4-R came on sac-flies. The nightcap went an extra inning.
Erik Schneider went 3-for-4 with a triple, 2-R & 1-RBI.


MCW         4-8-8, 7-LOB
Cobras     14-15-0, 7-LOB...5-INN Mercy


Evanoff (lcf)           1-for-3, 1-R, 2-E
Marentette (ss)     1-for-2, 1-R, 1-W, 2-E
Malki (lf)                  0-for-1, 1-R, 2-W
O'Toole (3b)            0-for-2, 1-RBI, 1-SF, 1-E
E Schneider (c)       0-for-2, 1-RBI, 1-SF
Blair (1b)                 2-for-2, 1-R, 1-RBI
Penczak (p)             1-for-2; 4.2-IP/CG, 4-W/1-IW, 1-K, 14-R/9-ER (L)
JP Strnad (rf)           1-for-2, 2-E
P Strnad (rcf)           1-for-2, 1-E
Marty (2b)                1-for-1, 1-RBI, 1-SF
TEAM TOTS   =   8-for-19, 4-R, 4-RBI, 3-SF, 3-W, 8-E; 4.2-IP/CG, 4-W/1-IW, 1-K, 14-R/9-ER (L)


Cobras     16-19-6, 12-LOB...8-INN
MCW         11-16-7, 7-LOB


Evanoff (lcf)               0-for-3, 1-RBI, 1-SF
Marentette (ss)         2-for-4, 1-E
Melki (p)                     2-for-4, 1-R, 2B, 1-RBI; 8-IP/CG, 5-W, 16-R/9-ER (L)
O'Toole (3b)               1-for-4, 2-E
E Schneider (c)          3-for-4, 2-R, 3B, 1-RBI
Blair (1b)                    1-for-4, 2-R, 2B, 1-RBI, 1-E
Marty (rcf-rf)             2-for-3, 2-R, 1-RBI, 1-W
Polisano (2b)               1-for-3, 1-R, 1-W, 1-E
Penczak (ah)               0-for-4
JP Strnad (rf)               2-for-2, 2-R, 1-RBI
  Kaltz (rcf)                 1-for-2, 1-RBI, 1-E
P Strnad (lf)                 1-for-3, 1-R, 1-RBI, 1-E
TEAM TOTS   =   16-for-40, 11-R, 2-2B, 3B, 8-RBI, SF, 2-W, 7-E; 8-IP/CG, 5-W, 16-R/9-ER (L)


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