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30 IN 31.....SOFTBALL RECAP, M 10/26/09
Posted on: 10-27-2009

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    Having already clinched the Fall
League division title at Liberty Park,
there were still several goals left to
reach in the season finale.
    The MCW softballers achieved
all of them in a 16-2, 6-INN Mercy-
Kill of J.B. Bamboozles Monday
    The Coach Kurt club completed
a perfect 11-0 second season (first in team history), reached the 30 win plateau for
the first time in the team's 31 year history and set an all-time winning percentage
mark of .909 with its 30-3 overall record.
    The 2009 season also marked the first time ever the team captured three
championships in one year with division titles in Dearborn (first half) and L-Pk
(second half) with a MESS state title at the annual Traverse City tournament
in between. The lone blemish was a 1-2 early playoff exit in Dearborn.
M 10/26/09.....Fubars                 16-23-5, 7-LOB.....(6-IN, Mercy)
                       J.B. Bamboozles     2-3-1, 4-LOB

    The game had a sadly comical beginning. After going scoreless in the T-1st the
Fubars allowed an unearned run in the B-1st when the enemy lead-off man reached
base on an error, then a man scored when the inning's second out was achieved on a
fielder's choice forceout where a triple error on throwarounds allowed the batter to
advance all the way around to the plate. The only other JB run was also unearned in
the B-4th. Our lads broke the game open with a 6-R/T-5th and 5-R/T-6th to secure
the mercy-killing.  

Melici (LF)                       3-for-5, 1-R, 2-RBI, 2-E
Ford (SS)                         2-for-4, 2-E
E Schneider (C)                2-for-4, 1-R, 3B
O'Toole (3B-P)                  3-for-4, 2-R, 3B, 1-RBI; 2-IP, 1-W
Zajch (RCF)                      2-for-4, 2-R, 1-RBI
Marentette (LCF)              3-for-4, 2-R, 1-RBI
N Leshon (1B)                   2-for-4, 3-R
Strnad (RF)                      3-for-4, 3-R, 2B, 4-RBI
Penczak (P-3B)                 1-for-4, 1-R, 2B, 3-RBI; GS, 4-IP, (W), 2-R/0-ER
Polisano (2B)                    2-for-4, 1-R, 2-RBI, E
TEAM TOTS   =                 23-for-41, 16-R, 2-2B, 2-3B, 14-RBI, 5-E; 6-IP, (W), 1-W, 2-R/0-ER


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