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Posted on: 10-22-2009

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    The Fubars clinched the division title with their second doubleheader sweep in as many weeks,
going to 10-0 on the Liberty Park fall season to take a two game lead over two challengers with
one game to play.

M 10/19/09, Gm-1.....FUBARS         25-22-0, 4-LOB...3-INN Mercy
                                    Slum Dogs     0-0-4, 2-LOB
    Hurler Harry pitched an abbreviated No-Hitter, allowing just two walks and facing only 11
batters. A 14-R/T-2nd blew the game open when the Fubars sent 18 men to the plate to take a
17-0 lead. Our lads sent 13 men up in the T-3rd to tack on eight more tallies. The top half of the
line-up went 13-for-17 with 14-R, 4-XBH, 12-RBI & 3-W.
Strnad (LF)                 3-for-4, 3-R, 3B, 2-RBI
C Marentette (SS)      2-for-4, 3-R, 3B, 3-RBI
E Schneider (C)           4-for-4, 3-R, 3B, 3-RBI
O'Toole (3B)                 3-for-3, 3-R, 2B, 4-RBI, W
Penczak (P)                 1-for-2, 2-R, 2-W; 3-IP, (W), 0-R, 2-W, CG
Zajch (RCF)                 0-for-4, R
N Leshon (RF)              2-for-3, R, 4-RBI, W
B Marentette (1B)      3-for-4, 3-R, 2-RBI
Polisano (2B)               2-for-2, 3-R, 2B, RBI, W
Melici (LCF)                 2-for-2, 3-R, RBI, W
TEAM TOTS   =              22-for-32, 25-R, 2-2B, 3-3B, 20-RBI, 6-W; 3-IP, (W), 0-R, 2-W, CG

M 10/19/09, Gm-2.....Slum Dogs     12-12-7, 10-LOB
                                    FUBARS          17-18-4, 7-LOB
    The nightcap was much more competitive with the enemy chipping-in seven errors to help
our lads out. After trailing 1-0/Mid-1st and being tied 4-all/Mid-2nd the Fubars gradually built a
17-7 lead before trading runs for outs in the Doggy-style 5-R/T-7th. In a flip-flop from game one,
the bottom half of the batting order had nine of the 13-RBI.
Strnad  (LF)                   2-for-5, R
C Marentette (LCF)      0-for-5, 2-R
E Schneider (C)              2-for-4, R, RBI
O'Toole (SS)                    2-for-4, 3-R, RBI, 2-E
Penczak (1B)                 2-for-3, 2-R, 2-RBI, W
Zajch (LCF)                   2-for-4, 2-R, 3B, 2-RBI
N Leshon (3B)                2-for-3, R, 3-RBI, W, 2-E
B Marentette (RF)         1-for-4, 2-R, RBI
Polisano (2B)                  2-for-4, R, RBI
Melici (P)                        3-for-4, 2-R, 3B, 2-RBI; 7-IP, (W), 12-R/9-ER, 7-W, 1-K, CG
TEAM TOTS  =                 18-for-40, 17-R, 2-3B, 13-RBI, 2-W, 4-E; 7-IP, (W), 12-R/9-ER, 7-W, 1-K, CG


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