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Posted on: 08-14-2009

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    The Detroit Press Club captured a record
third consecutive MESS (Michigan Editorial
Softball Society) "Open" Championship at the Traverse City Civic Center the
weekend of August 8--9, 2009.
    The 27th annual tournament featured the seventh title win by a Coach
Kurt team since 1991.
    The Clubbers went undefeated at 4-0 with victories against four of the
other five teams in the "Open" division, excepting the Ann Arbor News. The
tourney field was the smallest ever, about half the size of usual, due to the
state's economic woes.
    Rain delayed play both days and the Saturday seeding games were reduced to a  a 45-min time
limit because the morning contests didn't start until afternoon.

SAT, 8/8/09...Gm-1...2:30pm.
DPC                            15-16-2, 2-LOB.....(5-inn, T-Limit)
Bay City Times            7-11-6, 6-LOB
    Trailing 4-2/End-1st the DPC went ahead to stay with a 6-R/T-2nd. The BC defense helped out
with a half dozen errors. The Clubbers made the most of their chances by stranding only two runners
and the offense maxed-out the four homerun limit on the smaller of the two main diamonds.
E KALTZ (LF)               2-for-2, 1-R
  McBRIDE (PH-LF)      1-for-1, 1-R
BLAIR (1B)                   1-for-3
E SCHNEIDER (C)         1-for-2, S-Fly, 1-R, 2-RBI
O'TOOLE (SS)              2-for-3, HR, 2-R, 2-RBI  (E)
R KALTZ (LCF)             2-for-3, HR, 2-R, 3-RBI  (E)
ZAJCH (3B)                  1-for-3, 1-R
LESNAU (AH)               2-for-3, 2-R
BEDOR (RCF)               2-for-3, HR, 2-R, 4-RBI
PENCZAK (P)                1-for-3 ; 5-IP, 1-W, 7-R/6-ER
MARENTETTE (2B)       0-for-3, 1-R, 1-RBI
LOCKARD (RF)             1-for-1, W, HR, 2-R, 3-RBI
TOTALS  =                   16-for-30, 1-W, 4-HR, S-Fly, 15-R, 15-RBI  (2-E) ; 5-IP, 1-W, 7-R/6-ER  

Sat 8/8/09...Gm-2...3:30pm.
Flint Journal              3-7-0, 5-LOB
DPC                           14-20-0, 4-LOB.....(4.1/2-INN, Mercy)
    The Clubbers took 6-0/B-1st and 10-1/B-3rd leads before cruising to the finish in this errorless
contest. Two DPC pitchers combined to allow only 7-H & 3-W.  
McBRIDE (LF)             2-for-3, 1-R
  E KALTZ (LF)           0-AB
BLAIR (1B)                  2-for-3, 1-R
E SCHNEIDER (C)        1-for-3, 2-R, KSF
O'TOOLE (SS)             2-for-3, HR, 2-R, 4-RBI
R KALTZ (LCF)            3-for-3, HR, 3-R, 2-RBI
ZAJCH (3B)                 1-for-3, 2B, 1-R, 1-RBI
LESNAU (AH-P)           3-for-3, 2B, 2-R, 2-RBI ; 1-IP, 1-W, 1-K, 0-R
BEDOR (RCF)              1-for-2, S-Fly, 1-R, 2-RBI
PENCZAK (P-AH)          2-for-2, 3B, 1-R, 1-RBI ; 4-IP, 2-W, 1-K, 3-R/3-ER (W)
MARENTETTE (2B)       1-for-2, 1-RBI
LOCKARD (RF)             2-for-2, 1-RBI   
TOTALS  =                  20-for-29, 2-2B, 1-3B, 2-HR, S-Fly, KSF, 14-R, 14-RBI ; 5-IP, 3-W, 2-K, 3-R/ER

Sat 8/8/09...Gm-3...5:30pm.
DPC                            24-25-1, 3-LOB.....(5-INN, Mercy)
Grand Rapids Press       4-11-2, 6-LOB
    Trailing 2-0/End-2nd the DPC scored 9-R in the T-3rd, a lone tally in the T-4th and completed
a mercy-kill with a 14-R/T-5th. In the big inning the Clubbers sent 17 men to the plate, stranding nobody and capping the rally with Ryan Kaltz's G-Slam. RK fell a single shy of the cycle. The DPC
again maxed-out on homeruns.
McBRIDE (LF)                2-for-4, 1-R, 2-RBI
E KALTZ (1B)                 3-for-4, 3-R, 1-RBI
E SCHNEIDER (C)           3-for-4, 3-R, 2-RBI
O'TOOLE (SS-AH)           3-for-4, 2B, HR, 3-R, 4-RBI
R KALTZ (LCF-AH)         3-for-4, 2B, 3B, HR, 3-R, 6-RBI
ZAJCH (3B)                    2-for-4, HR, 2-R, 2-RBI
LESNAU (P)                    2-for-3, 1-R ; 5-IP, 4-R/4-ER
BEDOR (RCF)                 1-for-3, 2-R, 1-RBI  (E)
PENCZAK (AH-SS)           1-for-2, 1-W, 1-R, 1-RBI
MARENTETTE (2B)          1-for-3, 2B, 1-R, 2-RBI
LOCKARD (RF)                3-for-3, HR, 3-R, 2-RBI
E KALTZ (AH-LCF)           1-for-2, 1-W, 1-R, 1-RBI  
TOTALS  =                     25-for-40, 2-W, 3-2B, 1-3B, 4-HR, 24-R, 24-RBI (E) ; 5-IP, 4-R/4-ER

Sun 8/9/09...Mess Open Cship...1:10pm.
Muskegon Chronicle        0-5-0, 7-LOB
DPC                               10-15-2, 6-LOB.....(5-INN, Mercy)
    Muskegon first beat Bay City in the semi-finals for the right to face the DPC, the only unbeaten
team after Saturday play. Harry Penczak pitched a 5-H shutout in the title game for a second straight year! The Clubbers took a 3-0/B-1st lead and steadily built upon it until Gary Lesnau's bases-loaded,
2-run double capped the 4-R/B-5th for the walkoff mercy win.
McBRIDE (LF)                  1-for-2, 1-R  (E)
  E KALTZ (LF)                1-for-1, 1-R
BLAIR (1B)                      1-for-2, 2B, S-Fly, 1-R, 1-RBI
E SCHNEIDER (C)             2-for-3, 2-R, 1-RBI
O'TOOLE (SS)                  3-for-3, 2-R, 3-RBI  (E)
R KALTZ (LCF)                 1-for-3, 1-R, 1-RBI
ZAJCH (3B)                      2-for-2, Int-W, 1-R, 1-RBI
LESNAU (AH)                    1-for-3, 2B, 2-RBI
BEDOR (RCF)                    0-for-2
PENCZAK (P)                     1-for-2, 1-RBI ; 5-IP, 1-W, 0-R
MARENTETTE (2B)            1-for-2
LOCKARD (RF)                  1-for-2, 1-R
TOTALS  =                        15-for-27, Int-W, 2-2B, S-Fly, 10-R, 10-RBI ; 5-IP, 1-W, 0-R
JERSEY/NAME                    G   AB   R   H   2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB/IW  K  SF  B.AVG     E
2   Tom Lockard                 4     8   6    7                2     6    1                   ,875
5    Aaron Bedor                 4    10   5    4                1     7                   1    .400      1
7    Bob Blair                      4    12   5    7    1                 2                   1    .583
9    Ryan Kaltz                    4    13   9    9    1    1    3   12                         .692      1
10   Mike McBride               4    10   4    6                                                 .600      1
11   Ed Kaltz                       4      5   3    4                      1   1                    .800
12   Gary Lesnau                 4    12   5    8   2                 4                         .667
16   Harry Penczak              4      9   2    5         1           3   1                    .556
22   Chuck Marentette         4    10   2    3   1                 4                         .300
25   Steve O'Toole               4    13   9  10   1           3   13                         .769      2
33   Pat Zajch                     4    12   5    6   1           1     4   1/1                 .500
66   E Schneider                  4    12   8    7                      6                1   1   .583
TOTALS  =                          4  126 63  76   7     2   10   62   4/1       1    1   .603     5
JERSEY/NAME                    GP     IP     W/L/S    BB/I    K    CG/SHO    R/ER      ERA
12   Gary Lesnau                  2      6      1             1       1      1             4/4       4.67
16   Harry Penczak               3     14      3             4       1      2/1        10/9      4.50
TOTALS  =                           4     20     4/0/0      5/0    2      3/1        14/13     4.55


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