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Posted on: 10-09-2008

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The Detroit Press Club entry to the Liberty Park tourney split four games in the
double elimination format, playing very well in the early morning session but failing
to hit in key spots and making too many errors in the PM contests.

Gm-1.....DPC                     15-13-2, 5-LOB.....MERCY
              Last Chances       5-6-4, 4-LOB
    Our boys scored a 4.5-INN, flip-flop-mercy-kill in the opening game. The Clubbers
took a 2-R/T-1st lead and never trailed as the enemy got all its runs in a 5-R/B-2nd
where the DPC made both its errors.
    Joe Salisbury went 3-for-3 with 3-RBI while Nick Evanoff (3-for-4) and Joel
Crawford (2-for-4) both had 4-RBI. The top three batters had 11 of the 15-RBI.

Gm-2.....DPC            13-16-2, 9-LOB
              Balldogs       4-10-0, 8-LOB
    The Clubbers never trailed after taking a 3-0/T-1st lead.
    Nick Evanoff went 4-for-4 with 3-R & 2-RBI, Jeff Heath went 3-for-4 with a 2B
& 3-RBI and Joe Salisbury was 2-for-3 with 2-R, a 2B, SF & 3-RBI.

Gm-3.....MSC Industrial Supply     21-24-4, 7-LOB.....MERCY
              DPC                                   9-11-1, 9-LOB
    Our lads couldn't hold a 9-2/End-3rd & End-4th lead, failing to score in their
final three at-bats while leaving the bases loaded in the B-6th as the game ended.
    Gary Marty, Erik Schneider & Tom Dombrowski were all 2-for-3 and Joel Crawford
2-for-4. However, the other half dozen men had just a combined 3-H.

Gm-4.....DPC                 4-11-8, 8-LOB
              Brew Crew    20-16-0, 7-LOB.....MERCY
    The Beermen scored 20-R in their first two at-bats to put an early end to the 3.5-INN
mercy-kill which concluded the DPC's tournament run.
    More than half the enemy runs came with the assistance of eight DPC errors.
    Harry Penczak & Erik Schneider (2-RBI) were both 2-for-2 .


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