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Posted on: 09-03-2008

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Mon 08/25/08     DPC                             Forfeit Loss
                            Buffalo Wild Wings     Forfeit Win  (7-0)
    Due to miscommun ication between the league Commish and the Detroit Press Club concerning
start time, the DPC bowed out of the Jacket Tournament with its second defeat via forfeit (even
though the DPC had a 12-man squad in place just 4-mins after the game had been wiped-out).

Tue 08/26/08     Cobra Kai          5-13-8, 14-LOB
                           Erac Alumni     12-11-3, 7-LOB
    The developmental Cobra Kai club fell to 0-&-3 in Liberty Park Fall League play in this 12-5
decision where a pair of 0-&-2 teams matched-up. With Hurler Harry on the hill and the C-Kais
not allowing a walk for the first time on the season, pitching was not the problem. However,
horrid defense committed 8 errors and poor clutch hitting stranded 14 runners (double that of
our foes) including leaving the bases loaded twice in the first 4-INN.
    Mike Duda went 3-for-4 with 3-RBI while four others (Nick Evanoff, Mike Stefani, Harry
Penczak & Matt Beardsley) were all 2-for-3.


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