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Posted on: 08-13-2007

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    The detroit-sports-mcw.com
sponsored Detroit Press Club team
won the 25th annual Michigan Editorial
Softball Society state "Open" softball
championship this weekend at the
Traverse City Civic Center.
    Led by Capt. Mike McBride and
"Executive" Coach Kurt Schneider,
the DPC defeated traditional rivals the
Detroit News in the the Press Clubbers'
opening game on Saturday and again in Sunday's Championship Final to take the
trophy in the 8-team tournament.
    It's the fifth MESS "Open" state title captured by a Coach Kurt ballclub (1991, 1992,
1996, 2002, 2007).  
    The Press Club won all five games, three in Saturday's position round and two
more in the Semis and Finals on Sunday.
    Little wins added up to big victories. The Press Clubbers lost only four of the 28
innings they played in the tournament and only one of the 14 played on C'ship Sunday.
    In his "Farewell Tour" on the mound, Buckeye Dave Geraci hurled five complete
game wins and hit for a .500-BA. Strong DPC defense allowing only 15-R/14-ER over
the final four games that followed the first contest slugfest with the Detroit News.
    OFielder Tom Lockard led the team with 14-RBI, including 7-RBI in the opening
game victory vs the Detroit News. Catcher Erik Schneider topped the team with
12-R, hitting the team's first homerun and being the only player to collect extra
base hits in all three categories. The "Crawford Connection" arrived in time
Sunday AM to add a boost with AH Mike Crawford collecting 4-RBI and son Joel
Crawford bolstering the up-the-middle defense in LCField while going 7-for-8 with
5-R & 6-RBI including a Grand Slam homerun in the title game. 3Bman Joe Salisbury
led the team with 13-H and added 10-RBI while 1Bman Bobcat Blair homered vs the
D-News and had 10-RBI while also scoring 10-R.
    THE RECAPS.......

Sa 8/11/07.....Detroit News     18-24-3, 8-LOB
                         DPC                    19-26-2, 9-LOB
    After going ahead 16-8/End-3, the DPC watched the D-News battle back to take
an 18-16/Mid-7th lead off a 6-R/T-7th. The Press Clubbers answered in their B-7th
last at-bat, scoring three times with 1-out for the walkoff win courtesy of Lockard's
2r1B. Lockard, Salisbury and SStop Chuck Marantette all went 4-for-5. Lockard had
7-RBI and Salisbury 5-RBI with WP Geraci (3-for-4) adding 3-RBI.

Sa 8/11/07.....DPC                            14-14-3, 2-LOB
                        Grand Rapids Press     1-2-3, 3-LOB  
    The DPC scored nine times in the T-1st before making an out and posted a 12-R
frame before GR ever came to bat. Erik Schneider put the capper on the one-sided
win with a towering 2rHR in the T-3rd. After managing an unearned run off Geraci in
the B-3rd to ruin the shutout bid, G-Rapids tossed in the towel and quit the contest.
Blair went 2-for-3 with 4-RBI while Erik the Animal was 3-for-3 with 3-RBI.    

Sa 8/11/07.....DPC                       19-23-2, 7-LOB  
                        Ann Arbor News     3-10-5, 4-LOB
    In their second mercy-killing of the day the DPC never trailed after taking a
5-0/T-1st lead. Ann Arbor answered with a 3-R/B-1st, but could not score again
in a game halted after 4-INN. The A-squares helped in their own demise by making five
fielding miscues. Capt. McBride and Associate Coach Ed Kaltz were both 3-for-3,
Salisbury went 4-for-4 with 3-RBI, Lockard 2-for-3 with 2-2B & 4-RBI, 2Bman Greg
Polisano 3-for-4 and Blair 2-for-4 with 3-RBI.

S 8/12/07.....SEMIS.....Bay City Times     7-10-3, 7-LOB
                                      DPC                      11-20-1, 11-LOB
    In a close contest until the B-6th, Bay City took a 2-0/T-1st lead and hung with our
lads through a 6-5/End-4th DPC lead. When the BC Boys went scoreless in the
T-5th & T-6th, the Press Clubbers got a pair in the B-5th and had a 3-R/B-6th to go
up 11-5. The Press Club then traded runs for outs in the T-7th when the Times scored
twice to make it an 11-7 final. Buckeye Dave went 3-for-3 while RCFielder Nick Evanoff,
Joel Crawford and Erik Schneider were all 3-for-4. Mike Crawford went 1-for-2 with a sac-fly
and 3-RBI.

S 8/12/07.....Finals.....DPC                   12-19-1, 8-LOB
                                      Detroit News     4-13-3, 11-LOB
    About the only thing the DPC did wrong in this Championship Final was lose the coin
toss for "Hammer Time" last at-bats. A solid all-around effort saw the DPC take a 3-0/T-1st
lead and never trail. The D-News got within 5-4/End-4th, both teams went scoreless in
the 5th-INN, then our favorite softballers pulled away with a 2-R/T-6th and a 5-R/T-7th
to defeat the hobbled and 9-man Newsies. Erik Schneider led-off the T-6th with a ground
rule double, but was still aboard with 2-out. Lockard then tripled-home EMS and Lockard
scored on an up-the-middle, McBride pinch-hit single. The DPC put the icing on the cake
when Geraci, Marantette (who'd earlier hit an inside-the-park homer) and Evanoff led-off
the T-7th with a trio of singles to load the bases. Joel Crawford crowned his 4-for-4 Finals
game performance with a Grand Slam homer to LField. Blair followed with a solo shot dinger
to LField to conclude the scoring in a 12-4 final. Crawford, Evanoff & Kaltz all made circus
catches in the outfield. Polisano made a couple of diffucult turns at the keystone. Geraci
started a 1-6-3 double play to end the B-6th when it was still a close (7-4) contest. The
D-News failed to score in the last 3-INN and left the bases loaded for the second time in
the game when Salisbury caught a liner at 3Base to end the contest. Lockard went 3-for-4
while E-Schneider and Marantette were both 2-for-3.  


JERSEY #                        GP    AB    R    H   2B   3B   HR   RBI   BB/I   K   SF   B.AVG     E

2    LOCKARD                   5    18    8   11     4     1           14                    1      .611

7    BLAIR                         5    19  10     9     1            1    10     1                     .474     1

11  KALTZ                         5    15    3     5                           1                           .333

14  EVANOFF                    5    18    7     9    3                           1        2           .500

17  McBRIDE                     4    11    3     5                           4                           .455

19  GERACI                        5    16    1    8                            6              1           .500     2

22  MARANTETTE               5    17    9   10    2              1     6              1           .588     3

25  SALISBURY                   5    19    5  13    1                    10                           .684     1

27  M CRAWFORD              2      6     2   3    1                      4   1         1           .500

51  J CRAWFORD               2      8     5   7    3               1     6                           .875

66  E SCHNEIDER               5    19   12  12    1     1       1     6               1          .632

99  POLISANO                    5    18  10  10                            3                           .556      2

TEAM TOTALS                     5  184  75 102 16     2       4    70    3   3    4         .554      9

JERSEY #                          GP     IP     W   L   SV   CG/SH     BB/IW     K     R     ER     ERA
19 GERACI                          5     28     5                  5            10/1       2   33     31    7.75
TEAM TOTALS                     same


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