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VIDEO-OHed.....Dallas 3, RED WINGS 2 (SO), Sa 1/16/10
Posted on: 01-16-2010

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>>caption:  OTT's SHOT WAS RULED


    The Stars shined on Dallas
Saturday afternoon and the Red
Wings suffered a controversial
3-2 shootout loss.
    Nobody scored in the shootout
session until the sixth round when
Steve Ott of Dallas allegedly put the puck in the net.
    Ott's shot backed Detroit goaltender Jimmy Howard into the net, then Howard
twice swatted at the puck with his glove until he shoved it away. Referee Ron Martell
was in perfect position to watch the puck wobble ON THE GOAL LINE beneath
Howard's unclenched glove and Martell immediately signaled no goal. However,
further away from the play second referee Mike Leggo and linesman Lonnie
Cameron disagreed. The 2-to-1 vote sent the decision to instant replay in Toronto
and because the video evidence did not overturn the GOOD GOAL call of the two
officials LEAST in a position to make the correct call, Ott's marker stood.
    When sixth Detroit shooter Patrick Eaves failed to score on Dallas goaler Alex
Auld, Dallas had a 1-0 shootout advantage and a 3-2 win.
    The shootout decision overshadowed the fact Detroit let a 2-0/1st-Per lead
slip away.
    Todd Bertuzzi (#13) with a backhander at 5:10/1 and Brian Rafalski (#3) on a
wrister at 9:30/1 gave the Wings their 2-0 margin.
    Dallas forced overtime and then the shootout with a pair of early goals in both
the 2nd and 3rd-Per. Brad Richards (#14) at 2:27/2 and Loui Eriksson at 3:53/3
both scored on wrist shots for the Stars.
    Prior to the shootout Howard made 28-SV and Auld 26.


R-WINGS H-COACH MIKE BABCOCK:   ""The video replay showed the puck didn't go
in the net. I thought that's why we had video replay. The referee on the goal line
called it [no good], but then they determined I guess that he was blocked out [by
Howard] and the [second] referee decided it went in the net. So I don’t know how
a guy that’s 20 feet away can make that decision when we have people in Toronto
look at video replay. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. Disappointing...
I thought our guys played hard today."

R-WINGS GOALIE JIMMY HOWARD:   "I thought I stopped the forward motion. I was
actually the one that knocked it backwards. I thought it never crossed the line, but
I guess they said otherwise. [Martell] is standing right there waving it off. I thought
he had a great view of it."

R-WINGS DEF/CAPT NICKLAS LIDSTROM:   "The guy that’s coming in from the blue
line called it, not right away, later on after they went upstairs I guess he made the call.
It’s hard to explain, especially when the guy that’s standing right on the goal line waves
it off. It’s a tough call...Once they got the power-play goal [in the 2nd-Per] it gave them
a lot of momentum and they were coming after us a little bit harder. You want to play a
little smarter in that situation."

R-WINGS Rt-WING DAN CLEARY:   "From what I’ve been hearing, it looks like we might
have gotten robbed a little bit. But Howie really gave us a chance, was excellent in net.
It’s too bad; we really wanted that extra point."

STARS L-WING STEVE OTT:   "I thought I saw it cross the goal line. It was close, but
it looked like it was … over the line."      

STARS H-COACH MARC CRAWFORD:   "I've heard a lot of different versions, but we
got a call to go our way...Whether it was a break or whether it was just the right call,
either way it was on the positive side for us. We sorely needed it."


    The video-allowed shootout goal was only the third Howard has allowed in 16
shootout chances.
    The Red Wings return home to host Chicago Sunday afternoon. The 12:30pm
start time for NBC-TV is a change from the originally scheduled 3pm puck drop.


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