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CAVS CRUSH DETROIT AGAIN.....Cleveland 94, PISTONS 82, T 4/21/09
Posted on: 04-21-2009

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>>caption:  TOO MUCH LeBRON


    After getting kicked around
for three quarters, Piston pride
kicked in in the 4th-Qtr, but it
was much too little and way too
    The Cavaliers defeated Detroit
94-82 Tuesday night to take a 2-0
opening rounmd playoff series
    The Cavs never trailed and
led by as many as 29-P before they got sloppy in the final frame.
    The Pistons scrambled back within 7-P when they out-scored Cleveland
32-17 in the 4th-Qtr. The Cavaliers then restored a double digit margin.
    Reserves accounted for 30 of the 32 Detroit 4th-Qtr points.
    As it was in game one, LeBron James was the story of game two. With
three days between the pair of Cleveland contests the Pistons worked
on better ways to defend King James, but with little impact. When double-
teaming LeBron in the 1st-H the Cavs still got up by 13-P. Heavy physical
defense on James just led to a long list of fouls. James had game-highs of
both 29-P and 13-RB. His 6-A were second-best on the evening.
    Mo Williams added 21-P and a game-high 7-A for the Cavaliers. Delonte
West scored 20-P and Zydrunas Ilgauskas 12-P.
    Rip Hamilton topped Detroit with 17-P and Rodney Stuckey had 14-P. Reserves
Will Bynum and Aaron Afflalo had 13-P and 10-P respectively. Rasheed Wallace &
Antonio McDyess both had 8-P with McDyess pulling down a team-high 11-RB.
Tayshaun Prince's ailing back limited him to 2-P in 25:43 of PT.
    The Cavaliers had a lopsided advantage at the free throw line, making 32-of-43
to just 13-of-16 for Detroit.               

PISTONS H-COACH MICHAEL CURRY:   "You got to keep (James) out of the paint
...Like I said, we missed six layups. The last game we were 7-19, I think, in the
paint. That's too many shots to miss in the paint. You have to do a better job of
that...If you go out, execute it and do it extremely hard, we'll be OK...(The reserves)
were a lot more aggressive and covered a lot more ground."

PISTONS FWD ANTONIO McDYESS:   "They are the best team in the league and they
are at home, but at the same time, we've got to play with some type of heart. We
aren't playing at all like we've got any energy. We're just going through the motions,
It seems like...Nothing we're doing now is working. We basically have to play a perfect
game just to be on top...Our bench played well. As far as the starters, we didn't come
out and do the job we were assigned to do. It's like they were doing anything they
wanted on offense. We weren't giving no resistance to stop them or making it tough
on them...The positive thing is we try to build from what the bench did in that fourth
quarter. We (starters) didn't do anything.''

PISTONS GD RIP HAMILTON:   " I thought the bench did a great job. I thought they
came in the fourth quarter and did a lot of things that our starters didn't do. They
talked. They were on a string; when one guy got beat, another guy was there.
Rotations were good...In those type of situations ,when we are missing layups and
things like that, that kills us as a team. What Cleveland does, they are a great strong
side defensive team. A lot of times when I come up on pin downs or pick and rolls, we
have to make that play to the basket. When we get the ball in the paint, we can't pass
it out. We have to finish, because when we don't, that plays in their hands. They are
allowed to be ‘Lucy Goosey’ on defense. LeBron is able to play safety in the back,
trying to get steals. When we get the ball in the paint, we just have to finish."

PISTONS GD WILL BYNUM:   "I thought we were kind of timid out there for three quarters.
We got some stuff to work on going back home...We’re concerned about the guys in this
locker room and what we can do to try to beat the Cavs."

PISTONS FWD AMIR JOHNSON:   "We tried to emphasize no layups, no points in the paint.
We tried to do that tonight, unfortunately they (Cavs) came up with the win...There’s
nothing else we can say, we’ve just got to go out and get it and play hard. We’re down
two-zero, it’s how bad do we want it. We’ve got to go home and protect our home court
and play hard, that’s all there is to it.”

CAVS FWD LeBRON JAMES:   "The first three quarters were great. We did a great job
offensively and defensively, and we played great basketball for the first three quarters.
I think the fourth quarter we got a little content, which we cannot do in the playoffs.
You cannot allow yourself to get content with a lead or with continuing to get stops.
(Their) guys came and played well and made a run...We (the starters) had no problem
going back in and finishing out the game. We all win together, we all lose together and
we all play well together. If we don't play well together, there is no one to blame. The
biggest thing is we have to win, but we know that we cannot allow ourselves to not
close out a game the right way.

CAVS GD MO WILLIAMS:   "We lost our focus (with a big lead in the 4th-Qtr). We all
knew it. But it's nothing to get overly concerned about. I don't think it will happen
again (because)  we're getting out of here with a sour taste in our mouths.''

CAVS H-COACH MIKE BROWN:   "I thought our guys played a great three quarters of
basketball...I have to give credit to Mo because one of the things that Detroit did was
they came at LeBron and when he caught the ball on the wing, when he caught the ball
in the post, they were coming aggressively. Our guys did a nice job of reacting. They
did a nice job on the backside, and Mo and Delonte knocked down shots and made them
pay. We are going to have to have that throughout this series because they are going
to keep being aggressive on LeBron, and so other guys are going to have to step up,
especially on the backside."


    The Cavaliers have won six consecutive playoff games from Detroit.
    Cleveland is 17-1 over the last three post-seasons when scoring at least 94-P.       
    Detroit's defeat ended a string of nine straight game two Piston playoff wins,
second longest in NBA history.


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