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LAST THROW AT THE JOE (WWE)...Sa, 7/29/2017
Posted on: 07-30-2017

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    As many of you know, I had a former career
spanning two decades as a pro wrestling ring
announcer, grappler, TV commentator and manager
working for various breitling montbrillant replica watches promotions including the WWF,
WCW and our own Motor City Wrestling circuit.

    However, I hadn't attended a pro show in a dozen
or more years, so on a whim I went to the final ever pro wrestling card at Joe Louis Arena
on Saturday, July 29th, 2017.  

    Along with me were another pair of Schneiders, #2 son Erik and
son-in-law Dave, both former high school wrestlers.

    We had as nice time even though I thought many of the performers
could have delivered more.  The WWE did stack the card with a lot of
bodies, but too many didn't do much.

    What I'd never seen before is all the video board incorporation the
WWE utilizes at its house shows, making it look much like a "Monday
Night Raw" or pay-per-view.

    In this case it was a "Smackdown Live" card with a big Raw roster
added match.


    The opener was a US title defense by A.J.Styles vs ex-champ Kevin
Owens.  Styles was way over with the crowd.  Owens employed way
too many restholds even for a curtain-jerker.  Predictably, Styles pinned
the Canadian import with a Phenomenal Forearm finisher.

    Tye Dillinger and Sin Cara teamed to top Aiden English & Erik Rowan.
English had the most annoying entrance spiel I've ever seen and a cape
purchased at a second hand shop.  Thankfully this soft match ended
quickly when Dillinger pinned Rowan.

    An angry Rowan issued an open challenge, his ex-partner Luke Harper
came to the ring and in a one move match pinned Rowan with a discus

    Baron Corbin beat Sami Zayn with his "End of Days" finisher.  Very
disappointing contest.  Zayn can work but was wasted here, selling
almost the entire match to get "Mr. Money In The Bank" over.

    WWE (Raw) Universal Champion Brock Lesner was a popular winner
in his title defense vs tub-of-goo Samoa Joe, whom I've never liked.
Lesner was attacked before the bell, hit a series of German suplexes
at mid-match, sold Joe's chokehold and ended the bout with a German
suplex/F5 combo pin.  I saw Lesner's JLA debut years ago and now his
last match at the Hockeytown building.

    After intermission Naomi, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch won a
six woman tag from Natalya, Carmella & Tamina.  It's not often you
get three daughters of former male stars in the same bout, but all three
(Charlotte, Natalya Neidhart and Tamina Snuka) showed they learned
well by watching Daddy.  Son Erik thought the match went too long, but
I observed it had some old time "Tell A Story" development.  Charlotte,
the best of the six, carried the match both offensively and defensively.
As expected, the only time Smackdown ladies champ Naomi tagged in
was for the pin, butt-bumping "Ms. Mondey In The Bank" Carmella.

    Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated WWE Champion Jinder
Mahal (with his Singh Bros. minions) & Dolph Ziggler.  Mahal's pre-match
promo got the audience to hate him even more than when he came down
the entrance ramp.  Nakamura's spastic entrance made him look like a
Jap on crack.  Decent two-way action, although for all his hype Nakamura
spent too much time getting beat up and too little on offense.  Orton
RKOed Ziggler for the pin to the delight of the crowd.  

    The main event saw John Cena pin Rusev in a "Detroit Street Fight."
Curiously, all the message and video boards went out during this match
leaving only the old fashioned above ring lighting.  A host of weapons
were employed including chairs, steps, guardrails and a microphone.  
Slow paced and Cena spent too much time lying on his back gazing with
glazed eyes at the 11 Stanley Cup banners above.  After surviving a chair
and table bump combo, a playing possum Cena sent Rusev through a
second in-ring table for the pin win.

    Before the finale it was announced the first WWE card at the still
under construction Little Caesars Arena will be the "Hell In The Cell"
PPV on October 8TH.  After the last bout, Cena cut a pro-Joe promo.

    Hard to estimate the attendance with most of the upper bowl
blacked-out but most of the floor chairs occupied.  I'll say 7000--8000.



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