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WWE Monday Night Raw @ Joe Louis Arena
Posted on: 12-25-2014

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Matches taped for WWE "Superstars" show:

Emma defeated Summer Rae

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defeated Los Matadores.

Live "Monday Night Raw":

Raw General Manager for the night Chris Jericho and a cast of characters spent the first 23-mins
of the show yapping in the ring to set up two of the evening's main matches.

Luke Harper and The Big Show teamed to defeat Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler when TBS kayo-
punched Rowan.

Natalya & Alicia Fox beat the Bella Twins when Natalya Sharpshootered Brie.

On Jericho's "Highlight Reel" Rusev and Lana guested to set up the US Champion's stare-down
with Ryback.

The New Day duo of Big E and Xavier Woods defeated Gold & Star Dust with the double-team
Midnight Hour finisher on Goldust.

Kane pinned Adam Rose with a double choke-slam on Rose and The Bunny. Afterward, The Bunny
was driven into the canvas with a Tombstone piledriver.

Jericho vs Paul Heyman never took place because Brock Lesner F-5ed Y2J.

In another non-match, Roman Reigns SuperBad punched & speared Fantango then also
socked Big Show in the jaw.

Jimmy Uso top rope flying body-pressed The Miz off Jay Uso "Slammy" interference.

Seth Rollins won a cage match finale from John Cena, limping but exiting through the door to
the floor after Lesner interfered to destroy Cena.

Post TV "Dark Match":

    Dean Ambrose battled Bray Wyatt. The two fought with chairs and kendo sticks but Ambrose
sent Wyatt backstage after a kendo stick shot. Ambrose celebrated and got a big pop.


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