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WWE "Road to WrestleMania" tour @ the Palace of Auburn Hills, MI...Sa 2/26/05
Posted on: 03-01-2005

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SmDn tag champions Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio arrived in a Motown Low-Rider and beat the
challenger Basham Brothers when Rey-Rey 12-38ed both Bashams, then Latino Heat got the Mexican
Frog-splash pin.

Miss Jackie got better crowd reaction to defeat Dawn Marie in a "Best Body" contest. The inevitable
cat-fight followed.

Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas combined to beat the new team of Joey Matthews & Johnny Nitro
when Holly pinned Nitro with the Alabama-slam after Johnny collided with his MGR Melina.

Chavo Guerrero retained the Cwt title in a "Fatal Four-Way" elimination match.
---Paul London first pinned Funaki.
---London then did likewise to Spike Dudley.
---Chavo Jr. then pinned London for the win after London was rammed into an exposed turnbuckle.

Booker T pinned Heidenreich, who then complained over the PA, "I just want to be loved."

US champion John Cena FUed & 5-Knuckle-Shuffled challenger Orlando Jordan for a 123.

Mark Jindrak DQ-defeated Rene Dupree on lame interference from Luther Reigns...SmDn GM Teddy
Long then ordered a re-start as a tag match...Undertaker & Jindrak beat Dupree & Reigns when
Taker choke-slammed & Tombstoned already hardway-heavy-juiced Dupree for the pinfall.

Challenger The Big Show DQ-defeated SmDn w-champion JBL...Although TBS survived OJ interference, the disqualification came when the Bashams ran in.


CK COMMENTS:     "Eddie, Eddie"  was way over with the crowd, which didn't chant "619" for Rey until  Guerrero urged them to do so...The new Matthews/Nitro duo needs work but has promise while Melina already looks like she has a ring presence...Heidenreich is more horrible each time I see him...JBL
told WWE security to "take the night off" because he wasn't worried about a Palace crowd which was
recently bitch-slapped by Ron Artest. This SmackDown show more than doubled the last Raw visit
to Detroit's Cobo Arena. It was the best-wrestled of the three WWE house shows I've seen over the
past 15 days.

EST. ATTENDANCE:     7000.


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