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WWE "Road To WrestleMania" tour @ Toledo, OH Sports Arena...S 2/13/05
Posted on: 02-14-2005

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Raw TT champions William Regal & Tajiri defeated challengers and ex-champs LaResistance when Regal
European-kneelift-pinned Sylvain Grenier.

Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters sledgehammer-pinned Rhyno.

Christian Unprettiered Hurricane...Christian was seconded & assisted by Tyson Tomko while H'Cane
limped from start to finish on a legit sprained right ankle.

Trish Stratus retained the Ladies title in a short "Triple Threat" match vs Victoria & Molly Holly when
Vicky Widow's-Peaked Molly, but Trish tossed Victoria to the floor and got the cover on Molly.

Muhammad Hassan facebustered & camel-clutched Val Venis off a missed Money-shot.

Kane won a Hardcore match with a choke-slam of Snitsky onto a trash can for a 3-count.

Bautista won a Handicap match from Maven & the Coach in 30-seconds when Coach pushed his partner into Bautista and the big man got a Bautista-bomb pin on Maven as Coach fled to the locker room.

Intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin windmill-slam-pinned challenger Edge.

Raw w-champion Triple H retained his title in a Street Fight match by scoring a chair-shot-pin on
challenger Randy Orton.

EST. ATTENDANCE:     4000.


CK COMMENTS:     Although predictable it was a well-received, fast-paced house show. It was far superior to the SmackDown card the night before in East Lansing, Mich., although the audience
make-up had something to do with that. Wrestlers feed off crowd heat and Toledo seldom fails in that


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