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WWE "Holla, Holla, Holla" tour @ Breslin Center, MSU, East Lansing, MI...Sa 2/12/05
Posted on: 02-13-2005

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Heidenreich interrupted the "Miss SmackDown Best Body Contest" to threaten clueless Michelle McCool,
Booker T made the save, then Heidenreich side-slam-pinned overconfident BT.

Rey Mysterio 619ed & West-Coast-Popped Kenzo Suzuki for a pin win after Hiroko accidentally Kendoed
hubby Kenzo.

The SmDn TT-champion Basham Brothers beat challengers Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas when Haas
got pinned off an illegal lookalike switch.

A "Fatal 4-Way Elimination" match saw Funaki retain the Cwt title by last-pinning Chavo Guerrero Jr...
Scotty 2 Hotty first Worm-pinned Spike Dudley, then Oooh Chavo quickly rolled-up Scotty. Funaki then
countered a Guerrero power-bomb attempt with a sunset-flip 1-2-3.

Orlando Jordan facebuster-pinned Nunzio in a total squash.

US champion John Cena FUed challenger Rene Dupree. The Frenchy got the most 2-counts but Cena got the 3-count.

In a "Handicap Steel Cage" match The Big Show beat Luther Raines & Mark Jindrak by choke-slam-pinning Jindrak. OJ & the Bashams joined a 5-on-1 post-match assault on TBS until Cena & Mysterio
ran in for the save.

EST. ATTENDANCE:     2,800.


CK COMMENTS:   The pre-show announcement that "injured" Kurt Angle would not face Show in the cage made me pout all night long. It also altered the announced card with one match being dropped
from the card and three others being altered (including the Cwt bout which went from a Triple Threat
bout to a stalling/comedic 4-Way). There was nothing terribly wrong with this show, but nothing to
make you go home thinking: "Wow, that was neat." Besides, I was pouting from no Kurt Angle & no
beer (Breslin is a dry arena).


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