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WWE Monday Night Raw.....M 4/23/12
Posted on: 04-23-2012

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    Edge lectured John Cena on focus.

    Chris Jericho submissioned Kofi Kingston with the Walls of Jericho following a mid-air Code-breaker.

    Lord Tensai used a green mist clawhold to get a 3-count on R Truth.

    Randy Orton locked Paul Bearer in a JLA freezer, then brawled with Kane on the floor near the ring.

    The Big Show & Great Kahli combined to beat Alberto Del Rio & Cody Rhodes when TBS choke-slam
pinned Rhodes.

    Nikki Bella captured the Divas Championship by pinning left leg injured, defending champion Beth
Phoenix in a Lumber Jill Match.

    C.M. Punk faked being drunk during an in-ring field sobriety test which could have stripped him of
the WWE title. Punk miraculously sobered up, passed the test and then beat up Jericho.

    World champion Sheamus lost a non-title match to Mark Henry. The World's Strongest Man head-
clubbed the Great White and special referee Daniel Bryan put in a fast count. After Bryan took off his
ref's shirt he was assaulted by Sheamus.

    Zach Ryder & Santino Marella won a non-title match from WWE tag champs Primo & Epico. Santino
Cobra-pinned Primo.

    Kane took Paul Bearer out of the freezer, removed the tape from his mouth and put his father
right back in the ice box.

    Brotus Clay & Hornswaggle DQ-defeated Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziegler when Vicky Guerrero
slapped the Funkasaurus.

    Brock Lesner got GM John Laurenitis to agree to some extreme contract demands before he would
sign the contract for the main event at Sunday's Extreme Rules PPV. John Cena inked his copy without
uttering a single word.



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