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WWE Raw @ Saginaw County (MI) Event Center...Sat., April 10, 2004
Posted on: 04-11-2004

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    The Fink, Stacy Kiebler and Johnny Nitro all made opening announcements before LaResistance
interrupted the National Anthem.

1)   Hurricane & S-H-I-T Rosey defeated LaResistance when Rosey hit a swinging-Samoan-Drop on
Sylvain Granier for Helms' cover.

2)   Garrison Cade got a ropes-leverage pin on Tajiri.

3)   In a Woman's Championship "Fatal Four-Way" match, Victoria retained the title by pinning Lita
after Jazz and Molly Holly had both been eliminated.

4)   Eugene Dinsmore upset A-Train after Albert kayoed himself on an exposed turnbuckle.

5)   Kane big-booted and choke-slam-pinned Rhyno, but got speared by Edge afterward.

6)   Randy Orton retained the Intercontinental Championship vs Shelton Benjamin when the
third-&-deciding fall ended in a 20-minute (actually, 18-m) time-limit draw. Benjamin had won
the first fall with a single-leg cradle and Orton had evened the match with a second fall RKO pin.

7)   Chris Jericho Walls-of-Jericho submissioned Christian, even though Christian was allowed
to wrestle with "No-DQ" rules but Y2J wasn't.

8)   Matt Hardy put a Twist-of-Fate pin on Chuck Pulumbo.

9)   Raw world champion Chris Benoit scored a Crippler-crossface submission on challenger
Bautista to retain his title. Actually, Benoit scored three tap-outs on Bautista, but when
special referee Johnny Nitro refused to recognize the second X-face submission, Benoit
slugged Nitro outta the ring and a second referee entered to call the fall.

ATTENDANCE:   Not quite half-full at 2200.



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