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UCW results @ Bay City, MI.....Sa 12/11/04
Posted on: 01-11-2005

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Hypknow defeated Jason Quick.

X-Treme Justice v Sugar & Spice v Maximum Impact was a Triple-DQ.

Tommy Titus bested Sebastian Rose in bout #3 in a Best-of-5 series which Rose leads 2-1.

Bull Wheeler won a Taped-Fist bout from Ricco Rodriguez.

Viper Pete Christy defeated Dave Duponte in a Midland Street Fight by beating the 10-count.

The Indiana Bad Boys beat Sexy Brad Hexum & Noah Lott.

Boomer beat "Rodney" Penrod.

In the 1-Nite, 8-Team. 3-Round "Old School Cup" Tag Team TmT:

Suicycos beat UNR8ted & Frank Stein.
Connecticut Experience bested Bull Wheeler & Pete Christy.
Sky Devian & N8 Mattson defeated Dave Duponte & Ricco Rodriguez.
Bam & Tommy Titus topped Kuzin Kurt & Sebastian Rose.

Connecticut defeated Suicycos.
N8 & Sky topped Tituis & Bam.

Connecticut beat N8 & Sky to win the tourney.

Ricky Morton no-showed the show.



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