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WrestleMania XXV @ Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX...S 4/5/09
Posted on: 04-06-2009

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>>>   Carlito & Primo Colon defeated John Morrison & The Miz to unify the Raw and SmackDown tag titles in a Lumberjack "dark" Match prior to the pay-per-view.

>>>   C.M. Punk won the "Money In The Bank" Ladder Match for the second consecutive W'Mania. Shelton Benjamin had the best moves of the match. Christian looked to have it clinched, but after Kane choke-slammed Christian off double-stacked ladders, Punk kicked Kane to the canvas and grabbed the suspended briefcase.

>>>   Kid Rock's three song mini-concert served as the intro for the 25 Divas "Miss WrestleMania" Battle Royal where Santina Marella (Santino in drag) won by double-tossing Beth Phoenix and Melina
for the finish.

>>>   Chris Jericho defeated all three of his Hall of Fame foes in a Gauntlet Match.  Jericho first submissioned Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka with the Walls of Jericho. Y2J then kicked and covered Rowdy
Roddy Piper. After a series of near-falls, Jericho Code-breaker pinned Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.  Post-match, Jericho laid-out Ric Flair and challenged Mickey Rourke at ringside and
Rourke one-punch, left-hooked Jericho to the mat.

>>>     In an Extreme Rules Match Matt Hardy pinned Jeff Hardy. Following use of multiple weapons including Jeff splashing Matt in a two table sandwich, Jeff missed a leg-drop off a 20-foot ladder and Matt put Jeff's head between a steel folding chair and gave Jeff a Twist-of-Fate finisher.

>>>   Rey Mysterio (in a strange "Joker" mask) was attacked before the bell by JBL, but once the bell rang, Rey Rey hit a quick series of moves for a 21-sec pinfall victory to capture the Intercontinental title. After the match an irate Bradshaw said, "I Quit !"

>>>   Tons of false finishes in a contest that should stand up for nine more months as "Match of the Year." Undertaker ran his unbeaten W'Mania record to 17-0 when he caught Shawn Michaels in mid-moonsault and delivered a Tombstone pin. Both men kicked out of the other's signature moves on multiple occasions during the contest.

>>>   John Cena won the World HWT title in a Triple Threat Match vs defending champion Edge and fellow challenger The Big Show. During the bout Edge accidentally speared Vickie Guerrero. As usual, TBS got jobbed at W'Mania. Cena gave Edge an Attitude-Adjustment onto Big Show, then Cena hooked Show's leg for the 3-count.

>>>   In a methodical, no-heat finale, WWE Champion Triple H sledgehammered Randy Orton during a ref-bump and 3H repeatedly punched groggy Orton before delivering a Petigree pin to retain his title.

ATTENDANCE:   72,744 (sellout).      

COACH KURT'S FEARLESS FORECAST:     7-2.    (I missed the Jericho and Triple H wins.)

COACH KURT'S PPV FREVIEW:     I can't remember so much build-up for such a flat main event. Still, all clean and mostly booking-correct finishes and a TREMENDOUS Undertaker/Michaels match made this show a B-plus success.


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