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WWE TV tapings @ Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI...Tue., August 10, 2004
Posted on: 08-14-2004

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DARK MATCH:   Heidenreich squashed Funaki.

VELOCITY:   Bubba Dudley pinned Scotty 2 Hotty off Spike Dudley's interference.

Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn beat the Basham Brothers.

Jamie Noble pinned Velocity's designated loser Shannon Moore.

SMACKDOWN:   Cruiserweight champ Spike Dudley defeated Paul London with Dudley Boyz help.
                         Afterward the three Dudleys 3Ded Billy Kidman & title belt-whipped London.

Nunzio pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Undertaker DQ-defeated JBL's new "Chief of Staff" Orlando Jordan when Brahshaw interfered to
hit the 'Taker with the Clothsline from Hell.

SmDn Teddy Long got SummerSlam foes Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero to shake hands to pub their
upcoming match.

A 6-man "Summer Games Relay" match featured five-minute entry intervals...Booker T started vs
Rob Van Dam, then Luther Raines, Charlie Haas, Rene Dupree & John Cena all joined in...Cena
pinned Booker to win the bout...It was like "War Games" without the cage or the blood.


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