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WWE Mon Nite Raw @ Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI...Mon., March 22, 2004
Posted on: 03-24-2004

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The Raw/SmackDown "Draft Lottery" was conducted during the show with a dozen members of the
WWE roster switching "brands" the result of out-of-the-drum "random selections" with the following

#1   Paul Heyman's first pick for SmackDown was Rene Dupree.
#1   Eric Bischoff's first choice for Raw was Sheldon Benjamin.

#2  to SmackDown was Mark Jindrak.
#2  to Raw was Nidia.

#3  John Cena made the #3 SmDn selection of Triple H.
#3  to Raw was Rhyno.

#4  to SmDn was Rob Van Dam.
#4  to Raw was Tajiri.

#5  to SmDn went Teddy Long.
#5  to Raw went injury-recovered Edge.

#6  to SmDn was Spike Dudley.
#6  to Raw was Paul Heyman, who promptly quit rather than work for Bischoff.

"Raw is War" matches on the show:

#1 SmDn lottery pick Dupree demanded a Raw farewell match. Chris Jericho responded to the open
challenge and Enziguri-pinned Dupree. Whiney Rene then got a send-off Stone Cold-stunner from
Sheriff Steve Austin.

Kane quickly choke-slam-pinned Rico.

Christian unprettiered Spike Dudley.

Ric Flair & Bautista regained the Raw tag titles by beating Van Dam & Booker T when RVD
accidentally kicked Booker, then Bautista bombed the Book for a pinfall. Moments later RVD got
drafted by SmDn.

Raw world champion Chris Benoit Crippler-X-faced newly-Raw-drafted challenger Rhyno.

Before he was drafted by Raw & quit the WWE, SmDn GM Heyman had convinced Vince McMahon
to let 3H have a Raw farewell bout by challenging SmDn world champion Eddy Guerrero. Latino
Heat DQ-defeated Triple H on Christian's interference, although there was lots of earlier
interference including Evolution on hehalf of 3H and Shawn Michaels with a super-kick against The

The card had started with a "dark" match where Travis Tomko defeated Lenny Lane.

"Heat" TV tapings which preceeded the live Raw show:   Garrison Cade defeated Val Venus...Lita
beat Jazz...Hurricane defeated Joey Matthews...Matt Hardy pinned Lance Storm.


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