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TNA "Destination X" PPV @ the Impact Zone, Orlando, FL...S 3/11/07
Posted on: 03-11-2007

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>>>   NWA world TT-champions LAX won the "Ghetto Brawl" from Team 3D, getting a camera-bash assist from Alex Shelley so Homicide could pin Devon.

>>>   Tennessee Cowboy James Storm and "Pride of Tennessee" Jackie Moore won a Double-Bullrope
match from Petey Williams & Gail Kim when Moore crotch-kicked & Storm super-kicked and covered

>>>   Senshi won the "Chickenwing Challenge" from Austin Starr via tap-out, but post-match Starr
Crossfaced Mr. Bob Backlund.

>>>   The VKM bested the Heartbreakers in spite of Christy Hemme's interference.

>>>   X-Div. champ Chris Sabin pinned challenger Jerry Lynn in the 3rd-&-deciding fall off of a Sting-
mask distraction from "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

>>>   Rhyno stomped the fingers of A.J. tyles to knock Styles off the structure and to the canvas to
win the first ever "Elevation X" match.

>>>   Kurt Angle sunset-flip-pinned overconfident Scott Steiner.

>>>   Sting stuffed Abyss into the casket to win the "Last Rites" match.

>>>   NWA w-champion Christian Cage got a ropes-leverage-pin on challenger Samoa Joe to retain his title.



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