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WWE "No Way Out" PPV @ Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, S 2/18/07
Posted on: 02-18-2007

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>>   In a "Dark" pre-PPV match, Rob Van Dam 5-Star-Grog-splash-pinned Shelton Benjamin.

>>   Chris Benoit & the Hardy Boyz beat MNM & MVP in a 6-man opener when Benoit forced Joey
Mercury to tap-out to the Crippler-Crossface.

>>   The Cwt title changed hands twice during a 7-man "Gauntlet" match. Jimmy Wang Yang defeated
defending champ Gregory Helms, then Yang was pinned by Chavo Guerrero Jr.
--    Scotty 2 Hotty worm-pinned Daivari.
--    Helms then knee-slap-pinned both Scotty and Shannon Moore.
--    Yang Hurraconrannaed Helms to end Gregory's 13 month reign as champion.
--    Yang moonsault-block-pinned Jamie Noble and was announced as new champ.
--    However, late-arriving Chavo Jr then entered the match and Eddy-Frog-splash-pinned Yang to
emerge as new Cwt champion.

>>   Finlay & Little Bastard beat Big Boogyman & Little Boogyman when Finlay Shillalaghed the mini-
Boogyman for the pin.

>>   Kane got a clean Choke-slam-pin on King Booker.

>>   SmDn tag team champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated challengers Deuce & Domino when Spanky Victory-rolled Deuce.

>>   Mr. Kennedy DQ-defeated ECW champion Lashley due to a chair-shot, although Kennedy had used the chair first. Lashley retained the title.

>>   Ashley flashed the crowd to win the "Divas Talent Contest" which also featured a 7-gal catfight.      

>>   John Cena & Shawn Michaels defeated Undertaker & Batista in the main event when Batista turned
on 'Taker and spine-bustered his own partner. The Dead Man then got pinned off HBK's Sweet-Chin-Music and Cena's FU.



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