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WWE "ROYAL RUMBLE" PPV @ San Antonio, TX, S 1/28/07
Posted on: 01-29-2007

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The Hardy Boyz beat MNM when Jeff put the swon-ton-pin on Johnny Nitro.

ECW w-champion Lashley got a countout win vs challenger Test, then Oklahoma Stampeded Test

SmDn w-champion Batista Batista-bomb pinned challenger Mr. Kennedy, although Kennedy had low-
blow covered Batista during a Nick Patrick ref-bump.

Raw w-champion John Cena FU-slammed, then ring ropes-choked/STFU-submissioned challenger Umaga to win a "Last Man Standing" match.

Undertaker won the Royal Rumble Battle Royal.
--Ric Flair was first man in and first man out, eliminated by the combo of Edge & Kenny Dykstra.
--Edge ousted Dykstra.
--Kane tossed Tommy Dreamer, then did likewise to Sabu.
--King Booker eliminated Gregory Helms and then the Sandman too.
--Team Rated RKO tossed Super Crazy and both Hardy Boyz.
--Kane ousted Booker, then The Book pulled Kane out.
--Shawn Michaels tossed Finlay.
--Viscera was gang-tossed.
--HBK eliminated Shelton Benjamin.
--Chris Benoit eliminated both Johnny Nitro and Kevin Thorn.
--Rob Van Dam ousted Chris Masters.
--Great Kahli got rid of Hardcore Holly, The Miz, RVD, C.M. Punk, Carlito, Chavo Guerrero Jr. &
Benoit for seven consecutive eliminations.
--Last-Man-In the Undertaker then eliminated both Kahli and MVP.
--Michaels ousted Randy Orton & Edge.
--Bloodied Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were the last two competitors and survived each others'
finishing moves before Taker ducked a second Sweet Chin Music attempt to eliminate HBK for the
win. The Undertaker became the first ever #30 to win the R-Rumble.



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