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ROH @ Michigan Mart, Detroit, MI, Sa 10-7-06
Posted on: 10-09-2006

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Delerious cobra-clutch submissioned Zach Gowen.

Dazee Haze & MsChif defeated Allison Danger & Lacey when MsChif green-misted Allison for Dazee's

Claudio Castognoli defeated Davey Richards with a Chris Hero assist.

Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydel teamed to top Colt Cabana & Jimmy Jacobs.

Matt Sydal won a singles match from Chris Hero.

Pelle Primeau won a 6-minis "Mayhem Match" with a pin of Jimmy Rave.

ROH champion Brian Danielson small-packaged challenger Austin Aries.

The Briscos won an "Anything Goes/Falls Anywhere" match from Homicide & Samoa Joe with a
pin on Homicide in the middle of the ring after a segment where the bout spilled out into the
parking lot.


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