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WWE & ECW @ Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI...T 7/25/06
Posted on: 07-26-2006

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Ryan "Tryton" Wilson defeated Funaki.

Jamie Noble defeated "Masked Man" Kidman.

WWE "SMACKDOWN" TV tapings>>>>>

Mr. Kennedy won a rematch from Batista via countout.

Vito submissioned Simon Dean.

Sylvain spinning-Diamond-Cuttered Tatanka.

Michelle McCool got a ropes-leverale-pin on Jillian Hall.

Sylvester Turkey beat Matt Hardy.

US champion Finlay won a rematch from challenger William Regal via a Schielegh-
assist from Little Bastard.

SmDn w-champion King Booker got a Chavo Guerrero Jr. assist to win a rematch
from former champ Rey Mysterio.

ECW "Live" on Sci-Fi cable>>>>>

Sandman DQ-defeated Mike Knox on interference by Test that left
Sandman lying. Kelly Kelly was involved too, shielding Knox before the
Test attack. Post-match, Tommy Dreamer attacked Test backstage.

Gothic Vampire spiked & Razor's-edgeed Little Guido for a 1-2-3. Guido had
been dragged to the ring for the match by helmeted Heyman security after
Paul E. & the rent-a-cops beat L-Guido down in the JLA visitors locker room.

Justin Credible DQ-defeated Balls Mahoney via a chain-shot on a chair
that Justin had brought into the ring. So, after the DQ, Balls chair-shot
the ref.

A crimson-masked Big Show chair-shot & choke-slam-pinned challenger Kane
to retain his ECW w-title in an "Extreme Rules" match. Paul Heyman set-up
the finish by dragging the ref outta the ring to prevent a Kane DDT-123.
Post-match, Sabu VanDaminatored TBS because Heyman had denied Sabu
a title shot.



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