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WWE SmackDown tour @ Breslin Center, MSU, East Lansing, MI...Sa 6/3/06
Posted on: 06-04-2006

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Mr. Kennedy ropes-leverage-pinned Gunner Scott in a VERY average curtain-jerker.

Jillian Hall side-slammed & Jiggle-flip-Legdrop-pinned Crystal Marshall.

Cross-dressing Big Vito face-driver-pinned Nunzio. Vito wrestled in a dress and a thong.

Funaki & Scotty 2 Hotty teamed to top rookies Kasey Raines & Eric Stevens when
Funaki Jap-X-bodied Stevens for the cover.

Cwt champ Gregory Helms scored an unimpressive victory vs challenger Super Crazy.
Post-match, Great Khali came out to destroy Crazy.

Finlay Shelleighed Matt Hardy for a 1-2-3. Finlay had thrown a pair of chairs into
the ring, both men swung the chairs, referee Nick Patrick confiscated Hardy's chair
after Finlay dropped his, then while the ref discarded Hardy's chair, Finlay used his
Irish stick to score the pinfall.

Brian Kendrick reversed a windmill powerslam to pin Pit Bull Jamie Noble, in spite
of constant interference from Kid Kash. This bout had been advertised as a tag
title defense, but Kendall's co-champ partner Paul London was nowhere to be
seen, so it became a singles match.

US champion Bobby Lashley speared & running powerslam-pinned challenger
King Booker. Lashley won even though Queen Sharmell had low-blowed Lashley
just seconds before he executed his finisher.

SmDn w-champion Rey Mysterio 619ed and West-Coast-Pop-pinned challenger
Mark Henry after Meazark accidentally chair-shot himself during a double-ref-
bump. The main event was originally advertised as Rey Rey vs JBL and Kurt
Angle in a Triple Threat Match, but subsequent to the initial ticket sales, both
Bradshaw & Angle left the SmackDown roster.

ATTENDANCE:     About 1,000.

COMMENT:     Certainly not worth my 3-hour, round-trip drive theough
Michigan freeway construction sites.



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