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WWE "WrestleMania Revenge" Tour, Dow Events Center, Saginaw, MI...Sa 4/8/06
Posted on: 04-09-2006

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Bobby Lashley got a running power-slam pin on Booker T in an entertaining

Shannon Moore won a Triple-Threat Cwt Match from Funaki & Super Crazy
with a jump-over cradle on Funaki as the Jap-import tried to pin the Mexi-

Road Warrior windmill-power-slam pinned Scotty 2 Hotty.

Tatanka corkscrew-slammed and covered Simon Dean in a one-sided

Finlay chair-shot, then fallaway-backdrop pinned Matt Hardy.
Finlay did an EXCELLENT job of drawing heat from the ringsiders.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick combined to beat Jamie Noble & Kid Kash
when London pinned Kash with a reversal assist to counter Noble's
foreign-object interference. The match had lots of high-spots but
no ring psychology and, therefore, no decent crowd reaction.

Daivari's interference gave Mark Henry a front-slam pin on
Chris Benoit. The supposed "World's Strongest Man" twice blew
simple overhead lifts.

Crystal out-stripped Jillian Hall in a "Best Body" contrest.
Crystal then crotch-kicked MC Orlando Jordan for his unwanted
verbal advances.

Rey Mysterio retained the SmackDown w-title vs Kurt Angle with a
counter of the Angle-slam into a Mexican-pretzel-pin. Angle had twice
avoided and once kicked-out of the 619 as he dominated the match.
The "USA, USA" chants out-shouted the "Eddie, Eddie" cries.
House-show-suspended Randy Orton no-showed what was supposed
to be a WrestleMania, Triple-Threat, Title Rematch. In fact, five of
the advertised nine bouts were re-booked.

EST. ATTENDANCE:     5,000.




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