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WWE "SURVIVOR SERIES" #19 @ Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, S 11/27/05
Posted on: 11-28-2005

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On the "Sunday Night Heat" countdown show...Cwt champion Juventud
potato-Juvi-drivered Simon Dean to win a non-title match.

Booker T got a Sharmell assist to score a ropes-leverage pin on Chris
Benoit to win the opening bout in the Best-of-7 series for the held-up
US title. The finish came after Benoit missed a Swan-Dive-headbutt,
then The Book Oklahoma-rolled into the tainted cover.

Ladies champion Trish Stratus got a Mickie James assist to top-rope bulldog
challenger Melina in a sloppy finish.

It took a sledgehammer-bash for Triple H to finally keep Ric Flair down
in a 27-min "Last Man Standing" match which stole the show.
---3H attacked Flair during the aisleway intro, but Flair quickly evened the
match by using a kendo stick, then the two briefly brawled into the crowd.
---Flair got posted on the outside to heavy-juice early and 3H played
like he was the Original Sheik by repeatedly jabbing a screwdriver into
the open wound.
---3H tried to Petigree Flair through the Raw announce table, but Flair
reversed it to backdrop The Game through the Spanish announce table
for a 9-count.
---Flair avoided a Petigree onto an in-ring steel chair with a low-blow,
then Flair chair-shot 3H.
---Flair crotch-posted The Game, then chop-blocked 3H's left knee.
---Flair gave 3H the Garvin-stomp.
---Twice 3H kicked-out of Flair's Figure-4 attempt.
---Flair chair-shot The Game's left knee as it was wrapped around
the ringpost.
---Flair Figure-4ed 3H and (legally) grabbed the top rope for leverage
and Triple H tapped-out, but by the rules of the match the bout continued.
---A 3H despiration clothesline sent Flair to the canvas.
---3H steel steps-bashed Flair's bloody forehead.
---Flair leg-tripped The Game's big nose onto 3H's weapon, the steps.
---Triple H Petigreed Flair once, twice, thrice, but each time Flair got to
his feet to beat the count.
---Finally, a sledgehammer gave 3H the win.
---Flair took 15 standing counts during the match and 3H took eight.
---The crowd "wooed" as Flair was stretchered away.

>>>   Edge & co-host Lita debuted "The Cutting Edge" talk show and
exchanged verbal barbs with Detroit Tiger DH Dmitri Young.

Raw world champion John Cena FU-pinned challenger Kurt Angle.
With Angle's personal referee Daivari DDTed by Cena and two other
refs kayoed, SmackDown ref Charles Robinson ran in to count the fall.
In "Let's Go Red Wings" style, the Motown crowd openly chanted
"Let's Go Angle" during the match.

A pumphandle-slam by the Boogie Man gave Teddy Long a tainted
cover on Eric Bischoff to mercifully end a 2-man dance.

Team SmackDown defeated Team Raw in a 5-on-5 elimination tag
finale when Randy Orton RKOed Shawn Michaels, but then Randy
got spooked by the Undertaker.
---The match started and ended with Randy O vs HBK.
---Michaels covered Bobby Lashley off Kane's choke-slam from the
---Batista spine-buster-pinned Kane off Rey Mysterio's 619.
---With the refs distracted, Kane helped The Big Show double-choke-
slam Batista for a TBS pin.
---Mysterio hip-hop-pinned Show.
---JBL Clothesline-from-Hell-pinned Carlito.
---Rey-Rey Mexi-legdropped Chris Masters to pin the Masterpiece
and make the match 3x1, SmDn vs HBK.
---Mysterio jumped right into Sweet Chin Music, then HBK super-kicked
JBL for two quick covers to even the odds at 1-on-1, Michaels vs Orton.
---Michaels hit the Macho Man elbowdrop, but HBK was outta gas and
couldn't cover.
---JBL's interference distracted Michaels and Orton RKOed HBK for the
final fall.
---The SmDn locker room emptied to congratulate Orton.
---The Undertaker's gong sounded and the druids wheeled a casket
into the arena.
---A lightning bolt struck the box, the casket burst into flames, then
out popped the Taker.
---Undertaker garbage-tossed Orton outta the ring, cleaned house
on the SmDn undercarders and Tombstoned William Regal.


ANANYSIS:   Too many screw finishes and a disappointing main event
in its wrestling content. Think a 3-man announce crew is too cluttered?
Try the clusterfluff of five idiots talking over each other when the Raw
and SmackDown announce crews combined to call the finale.


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