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MCW TV tapings @ Gaylord, MI H-School Gym
Date: 05-04-1991

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Scott Summers schoolboy-cradled Charlie Fulton at 11:12.

The Destroyer splash-pinned Jim Reid in 6:41 to ruin Reid's pro debut.

Sensational Al Snow pinned Cpl. Daniels in 13:07.

Denny Kass covered Muhammad Jihad Saad at 16:41 to win a "Desert Storm Match." Saad was forced
to wave the Stars and Stripes to acknowledge defeat but clobbered Kass from behind with the

Midwest Tag Team champions the Riot Squad retained their belts beating the Arizona Rangers when
Iron Mike Anthony pinned Bobby Lee after hitting a trio of Anchor Bay Avalanches at 13:37.

North American champion Modest Mickey Doyle reverse-body-press-pinned challenger Machine Gun
Kelly at 10:37.

Scott Summers won a 12-man Battle Royal by simultaneously eliminating Charlie Fulton & Al Snow.



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