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MCW @ The Barn, Saline, MI
Date: 02-26-1989

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SuperKey Figure-4ed the Canadian Lumberjack in 10:47.

Sasha Sovietka superplexed Angelika Blue at 8:12. As a result of this match the MCW Board of
Directors voted to make Sovietka the MCW Ladies champion because she'd gone undefeated for
nearly two years.

The Ninja Warrior chopped-past Bobcat Blair in 3:26.

Beach Boy #2 splashed and covered Byron Costello in 7:58.

White Lightning sleeperhold-submissioned the Destroyer in 11:15.

The Patriots out-mustered Topp Gunns in 9:34 in the first round of a tournament to determine which
Michigan-based team would challenge for the MCW US Tag Team title.



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