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MCW TV tapings @ Continental Cable studios, Roseville, MI
Date: 10-05-1998

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Results of a #1 MCW Tag Team Title Contender Tournament.....

Quarter-Final #1:   Utah & Ringo Calhoun defeated Rocky delaHoz & El Diablo.

Quarter-Final #2:   Brute Force & Ace Disgrace upset the Singapore Dragons.

Quarter-Final #3:   Viktor Koloff & Viktor Kozlov defeated Drunk T. Clown & WonderMan.

Quarter-Final #4:   The SuperKeys beat Nightmares #3 & #4.

Semi-Final #1:     The SuperKeys went to a time-limit draw vs Utah & Ringo Calhoun.

Semi-Final #2:     Viktor Koloff & Viktor Kozlov squashed Brute Force & Ace Disgrace.

Semi-Final #3:     Koloff & Kozlov presumed they'd won the tournament because of the draw in the
first Semi-Final match, however MCW Commissioner Coach Kurt ordered a second bout between the
SuperKeys and the Calhouns.....The Calhoun Brothers beat the SuperKeys in the re-start when
Utah superplex-pinned SuperKey #2.

Finals:   Viktor Koloff & Viktor Kozlov won the tournament from the exhausted Calhoun Bros. when
Kozlov piledrive-pinned Ringo.....The Russian duo earned a future title shot at MCW tag champs
Security Force.

ATTENDANCE:   52 (sellout).


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