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RIP VICTOR LEWIS.....Sa 12/10/05
Date: 12-10-2005

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    Former M.C.W. Hwt. Champion Victor "Koco" Lewis was laid to rest  
on Thanksgiving weekend.
    Lewis and fellow Lima, Ohio native Al Snow turned pro together as rookies for
MCW in the early 1980s. Trained by Jim "Man Mt. Lancaster, this duo took
very different paths after their early professional wrestling days.
    Lewis captured the M.C.W. singles belt in a hometown title change, beating
Sgt. Bobby Golden in Lima on March 16, 1983. Lewis failed to excite audiences
and after only a month and a half as champ Koco dropped the strap back to
Golden in North Liberty, IND on April 30, 1983. (This was when M.C.W. was
an Ohio-based promotion known as Midwest Championship Wrestling, before
MCW became Motor City Wrestling in the early 1990s.)
    Lewis then embarked on a career as a masked ninja known as Black Dragon.
The mysterious villain better released Lewis' personality than his bland babyface Koco
character and Lewis enjoyed modest success in both singles and tag competition
as Black Dragon.
    Lewis then faded from the wrestling scene while Snow captured numerous
championships in both independent circuit and WWF/WWE arenas.
    After his mat career Lewis entered the US Army. Upon discharge he returned
to Lima and worked as a cook.    
    Lewis was only 42 when he died at his residence in Lima on November 22,
2005. Burrial was at Dayton National Cemetary in Dayton, OH on November 26,


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