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DID YOU KNOW ? (first posted MAY, 2010)
Posted on: 05-27-2010

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    Eight different University of
Detroit baseball players reached
the major leagues before the UDM
Titans dropped baseball as a varsity
sport in 2004.
     The most famous Detroit Titans
baseball player was RHP Dave
DeBusschere, who went 3-&-4 in
1962-63 with the Chicago White Sox.
DeBusschere was, of course, famous
not so much for his baseball ability but
because he was an NBA star with the Detroit Pistons and New York Knicks.
     The most successful former UofD baseballer was onetime Detroit Tiger
farmhand RHP Dick Drago, who spent 13 years in the majors going 108-117.
    Among pitchers, Bob Miller was next on the Detroit Titan MLB longevity list
with 10 seasons in the bigs, going 42-42 for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1949--
1958. Later, Miller returned to UDM as longtime head baseball coach.
    DID YOU KNOW the last University of Detroiter to reach the major leagues
was a native Detroiter who concluded an 11 year MLB career with the Detroit
Tigers from 1981--83?
    That player was catcher BILL FAHEY.
    One of just three UofD non-pitchers to reach the majors and the only one of those
three who played more than just a handful of games in the big leagues, Fahey was born
in the Motor City on 6/14/1950. After he graduated from Redford-Union High School,
Fahey went to the University of Detroit (1969) and also attended St. Clair Community
College and Tampa University.
    Fahey was the #1 selection of the secondary phase of the January, 1970 draft for
players who were previously drafted, but did not sign. Fahey decided not to ink when
he was picked by in the 13th round of the June, 1968 draft by the Baltimore Orioles.
When the Washington Senators drafted Fahey on 1/17/1970 he signed with the Senators
and by 9/26/1971 Fahey was in the majors. He went 0-for-4 that day in an 8-1 Washington
loss to the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.
    When the Senators moved to Texas and became the Rangers in 1972, Fahey spent all or
part of the next five years in Arlington, TX. After a year back in the minors with Tuscon
in 1978, Fahey was traded by the Rangers to the San Diego Padres and his 1979 & '80
seasons with the Pads were his most productive in the majors. Getting over 200 at-bats
in a season for the only two times in his MLB career with San Diego, Fahey hit .287 and .257.
    Late in spring training, the Padres sold Fahey's contract to the Tigers on 3/24/1981.
His "Homecoming" debut was delayed a month when he suffered a broken wrist before the
Tigers broke camp and came north.
    In three seasons with the Tigers Fahey hit .254, .149 and .273 in 1981--83, but he had
just one homerun and totaled only 15-RBI as All-Star catcher Lance Parrish's back-up.
    Fahey's best offensive effort as a Tiger was on 5/28/1983 when he went 3-for-3 plus a
walk, double, RBI and 2-R in a 6-1 Tiger Stadium win over the Minnesota Twins.
    The Tigers released Fahey on 8/5/1983 and he finished that year as a Detroit bullpen coach.
Fahey's 11 season MLB career produced only 7-HR, 83-RBI and a .241-BA, but an exceptional
.989 fielding percentage.
    While William Roger (Bill) Fahey declined to sign with Baltimore way back in 1968, his son
Brandon did on 6/28/2002. Drafted by San Diego in 1999 and by the Orioles in 2000, Brandon
Fahey finally signed with the Birds after being Baltimore's 12th round selection in 2002. The
younger Fahey reached the majors for the first of three seasons with Baltimore in 2006.



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