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COACH KURT AT LARGE.....W, 10/12/16
Posted on: 10-11-2016

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    The Lions signed free agent
RBack Justin Forsett Tuesday to
add depth because of the injuries
to Ameer Abdullah and Dwayne

    Don't expect much of an
improvement in the very weak
Lion running game.

    Forsett is a jouneyman who has
played for the Indianapolis Colts,
Seattle Seahawks, Houston Texans,
Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore
Ravens since 2008.  Only 34 of his
116 career NFL games have found Forsett in a starting role.

    Forsett's his most recent employer in 2014--16 were the Ravens
who released, re-signed and re-released Forsett, all during the last
six weeks.  

    Hardly a ringing endorsement, but the Lions are desperate.

    The Red Wings begin their least anticipated season in recent memory
Thursday night at Tampa Bay.  The Lightning have eliminated Detroit
from the playoffs each of the last two springs.

    Even General Manager Ken Holland acknowledges the team's streak
of 25 consecutive post-season appearances is in jeopardy, saying the
team has no superstar in his prime.

    Whose fault is that?


    The G.M. has hamstrung the Wings with long term contracts that
count against the salary cap even though Pavel Datsyuk and Johan
Franzen aren't even on the team.

    DEF Niklas Kronwall played on one leg last season and starts the
new schedule on IR because he has a knee injury that will never get
better, and he's on the payroll for three more years.

    Wouldn't it have been better if Holland had skipped signing veteran
fourth liner Steve Ott to a free agent contract in July so he didn't have
to expose and lose promising snipers Martin Frk and Teemu Pulkkinen
on waivers prior to roster cut-down?

    I mean, if you're going to rebuild with youth, why not go all-in?

    I wonder how Hall-of-Famer Frank Thomas feels sitting next to
disgraced former stars Pete Rose and Alex Rodriguez at the FOX Sports
pre and post-game show desk during these post-season telecasts?

    Why not dig up Eddie Cicotte and Chick Gandil of the 1919 Chicago
Black Sox and put them on the panel?

    What's that, Cicotte and Gandil are both stiffs?

    Well, so is Rose, who is so uninformed about current baseball that
his analysis isn't much better than what two dead guys could offer.

    I hope Thomas is flashing his HoFame ring at Rose and A-Rod every
chance he gets.      

    All three of my Fantasy Football teams are a Lion-like 2-&-3 on the

    Time to prep for the GETdetroitsports.com Fantasy Hockey Draft
at 3pm/ET Wednesday.  Sorry late-comers, all slots are filled.



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