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Posted on: 07-15-2016

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>>caption:  TIGER ALL-STAR

    The pass or play period in
Major League Baseball known as
the two weeks between the end
of the All-Star break and the July
31ST non-waiver trading deadline
is underway.

    As the Tigers discovered last
year, a couple losses here or there
can instantly change a contender into a fire sale also ran.

    What are the Tigers this year?

    At this point, even they don't know.

    I'm not advocating a total selloff makeover for the Tigers, but
I do have a radical idea to consider.

    Trade Miguel Cabrera.

    Whoa !!

    Yeah, that's radical.

    Cabrera is still one of the big league players I go out of my way
to watch.  He's still capable of titanic homeruns like the one he hit
out of Comerica Park last month.  He's still capable of putting a team
on his back and carrying it.

    However, even his biggest fans (like my grandkids) have to admit
Miggy isn't as good as he used to be.  His .293-BA in 50th in MLB.  Very
good, yes.  Miggy-like, no.

    Strikeouts and groundball outs are on the rise while RBIs are in

    I don't advocate trading Cabrera just anywhere.  You don't deal
a future Hall of Famer without something specific in mind.

    Like former Tiger President Dave Dombrowski, Cabrera should go
to Boston.

    The Red Sox are capable of absorbing Cabrera's enormous salary.
Boston is almost always a contender.  The BoSox have been playing
musical chairs at 1Base without success.

    Dombrowski's dealing to obtain San Diego Padres All-Star LHP Drew
Pomeranz Thursday night was his fourth trade in two weeks.  It's
obvious the Red Sox are going for the gold during the David Ortiz
retirement tour.

    The Red Sox are the one team which can put together a package
of talent to deliver a young, proven All-Star (like a Mookie Betts or
Jackie Bradley Jr.) plus a group of prospects from a highly regarded
farm system to make trading Cabrera viable.

    A trade to Fenway Park could help revive Cabrera's ever so slightly
declining skills.

    Going to a Drombrowski-led team could get Cabrera to waive his
no-trade rights, since it was D.D. who brought Miggy from Venezuela
to Florida to Detroit.

    And if this doesn't happen between now and July 31st because the
Tigers don't want to be mid-season sellers, don't discount the notion
that it could happen this coming winter.  By then the Red Sox will have
to fill the Big Papi void and the Tigers may realize they need to rebuild,
not just reboot like Dombrowski said when he was in charge in Detroit
at last year's July 31st deadline.


    Let me state right at the top it's never acceptable to put your hands
on someone else unless you are defending yourself or your companion.

    Having said that, I'm not sure what to make of this past weekend's
Draymond Green arrest in East Lansing.

    It took a couple of days for word to leak out that the former Michigan
State basketball star's arrest on assault charges was for striking MSU
football player Jermaine Edmondson.  It took a couple more days for the
school to announce Edmondson had been granted a release to transfer
elsewhere for his senior gridiron season.  It took yet another day for the
Spartan sports department to confirm Edmondson had been verbally
granted his transfer release before the incident with Green took place.

    In other words, at least officially, there was no connection between
Edmondson's transfer and the ALLEGED altercation with Green.

    The writing was on the wall for Edmondson in terms of his MSU
future when he was held out of the Spartan spring football game.

    I stressed the word alleged because even the East Lansing police
on the scene in the wee hours of Sunday morning outside a local bar
were initially vague about what happened.  It was said police on
routine patrol as pubs were closing "saw or heard" Green slap
Edmondson in the face.

    Edmondson claimed he was punched.

    The official simple assault complaint filed by officer Jeff Horn
now states, "I observed a taller, b/m, wearing a white T-shirt, open
handedly slap another b/m across the face with his R hand to the
victim's L cheek area. The sound of the slap was very loud."

    Subsequent claims the Green/Edmondson situation actually
began the night before have muddied the already murky waters.

    Edmondson says he and his girlfriend Bianca Williams were both
choked by Green's friends Friday night at Rick's American Cafe after
Green had bumped into Edmondson.  Employees at Rick's escorted
Edmondson away from Green to calm the situation.  No complaint
was filed at that time.  After Green's arrest a night later, neither
Edmondson nor Williams could describe to police the men that they
say choked them.

    Edmondson and Williams were back at Rick's Saturday night to
celebrate Edmondson's birthday.  They exited at closing time, walked
toward nearby Conrad's at 101 E. Grand River and encountered Green.  
Edmondson approached Green and verbally confronted him.  That's when
Green is said to have struck Edmondson at approximately 2:28am/ET

    Green was just over the legal limit on his alcohol breathalyzer test
that resulted in a blood alcohol content of .10. So, after he posted a
$200 bond, Green has held in jail until sober, then released.

    The arrest report states the Golden State Warriors and US Olympic
basketballer wanted to speak to Edmondson "to make things right."

    Edmondson is speaking through his attorney.

    Green told reporters Tuesday at the US Olympic training center in
Aspen, Colorado, "As a public figure, I just can't put myself in certain
situations.  It's something that I'll learn from and just move on."


    Still, why would Edmondson return to an establishment where he
says he was choked and then ushered away just the night before?

    Would it be to stalk Green?

    When encountering Green just outside that same establishment
after closing time, why would Edmondson deliberately provoke
another confrontation?

    Could he be a bitter ex-Spartan sporting for a fight on the way
out of town?



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