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Posted on: 11-02-2015

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Apart from the embarrassment
of a 45-10 loss to Kansas City,
what else did the Lions take away
from their second straight trip
to London?

An endorsement from NFL
Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The Commish called 90-year
old Lions rookie owner Martha
Firestone Ford "terrific."

Goodell was quoted as saying:

"She's terrific. I just had dinner with
her the other night at one of the
events and she stands up and speaks
at the meetings. She's well informed. We talk on the phone from time to time
about different issues. She's a remarkable woman and someone that I think
understands the NFL, has a passion for the NFL and has done a terrific job."


If sitting atop a 1-7 franchise if terrific, would 2-6 be tremendous?
Would 3-5 be stupendous?

Is Goddell delusional?

Keep in mind, Goddell is the same man who thought Ray Rice deserved a
two-game suspension and Tom Brady a four-game ban.

Insiders say Martha consults her daughters before making important
Lions decisions because, by his own admission, Bill Ford Jr. has ceased
involvement in day-to-day operation of the Lions. (Maybe because he was
angry that daddy didn't leave him the team when he died?)

Maybe Goodell is right and the gals are really an improvement. Remember,
it was BF-Jr who first had the bright idea to make Matt Millen Lions CEO.

For the legion of Lions fans who want to throw in the towel on this season
by trading QBack Matthew Stafford and WR Calvin Johnson for a pile of future
draft choices, forget it.

Dealing Stafford and/or Johnson at today's NFL trade deadline is virtually

No NFL team could possibly trade for Stafford and/or Johnson and fit them
under the salary cap at mid-season without sending the Lions some high-priced
garbage in return.

The Lions have enough garbage players now.

    Remember when the Lions courted Ken Whisenhunt before hiring Jim Caldwell
as head coach two years ago?

    Depending in who you believe, Whisenhunt turned down Detroit for a different
job, or, Caldwell was Detroit's top choice all along.

    This morning the Tennessee Titans fired Whisenhunt a year and a half into his
coaching tenure. His record with the Titans was 3-20 including 1-6 this year.  

    Caldwell has spent on the same time on the job with a 1-7 mark this season and
an overall record of 12-12 plus a first round playoff loss.

    For those now calling for Caldwell's canning, hey, Whisenhunt is available again.

Finally, am I the only one who is miffed at the "WCF" logo still being displayed
on the Lion jerseys?

Certainly William Clay Ford deserved the respect of the memorial logo in 2014,
the year he passed away after owning the Lions for half a century.

However, to make it a permanent part of the team's uniform is offensive.

The only other person to have his initials forever displayed on a team jersey
is longtime Chicago Bears player/coach/owner George S. Halas.

Halas: Six NFL Championships (in the pre-Super Bowl era).

Ford: One playoff win.

I rest my case.



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