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2015 ALL-STIFF TEAM.....Th, 7/16/15
Posted on: 07-16-2015

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>>caption:  CHOO MADE OUR

    Since 1981 the All-Star break
has also been when we announce
our "All-Stiff" Team of big league

    As disappointing as the Tigers
have been this year, no Bengals
made our all bad squad.

    Here are the guys who have had
major playing time but not much to
show for it:

CA.....MIKE ZUNINO/SEA.....As if the .160-BA weren't bad enough, he's
    struck-out an even 100 times already. He has nine homers but only
    20-RBIs. That means he's brought home only 11 teammates in 81 games.
    With 22-HR & 60-RBI in 2014, his first full major league season, Zunino
    is the classic example of the sophomore jinx.  

1B.....MIKE NAPOLI/BOS.....Yeah, he still has some pop in his bat with
    10-HR at the break, but seven of those are Fenway flyballs. In 80 games
    Napoli has just a .193-BA with a .294-OBP. Defensively he's made a half
    dozen errors, on a pace to exceed his worst year in the field by 33%.

2B.....OMAR INFANTE/KC.....In danger of being voted an All-Star starter
    until MLB threw out millions of ballot box stuffing Royals fans votes,
    Infante has shown why the Tigers didn't want to give him a multi-year
    contract when he skipped to KC two off-seasons ago. Infante's .236-BA
    is almost as good as his horrid .247-OBP because he's walked only five times
    in 80 games. He has zero homers and 25-RBI by accident.

SS.....STARLIN CASTRO/CUBS.....For at about three years we've heard that
    Castro has frustrated Cubs fans because he hasn't reached his full
    potential yet. Well, maybe he already did. In his second MLB season of
    2011 he hit .307 and in his third year of 2012 Castro had a dozen triples,
    14-HR & 78-RBI. He hasn't approached any of those numbers since excepting
    last year when he matched the 14 homers. This year Castro has 5-HR, 38-RBI,
    a .247-BA and 15 errors in the field, on pace for his worst season yet. While
    the team around him is much better, Castro is far worse.

3B.....CASEY McGEHEE/SF-MIA.....Coming off the second best overall season of
    his career in 2014, McGehee moved from Miami to San Francisco during the
    off-season as the replacement for free agent departure Pablo Sandoval. McGehee
    was so dismal with the Giants he was designated for assignment, sent to the
    minors, brought back and DFAed a second time. Getting into 49 games for San Fran
    McGehee hit .213 with 2-HR & 11-RBI. A superior fielding shortstop might survive
    with those kind of offensive numbers, but certainly not a corner infielder. After
    the Giants finally released McGehee he swam back to the Marlins and he's 4-for-10
    (.400-BA) with 4-RBI in three games. Reason for hope?   

LF.....MATT JOYCE/LAA.....A .190-BA and .281-OBP with 5-HR and 20-RBI in
    78 games. It's a good thing the Angels have Mike Trout and Albert Pujols.

CF.....MICHAEL BOURN/CLE.....He played himself out of the lead-off spot to the
    bottom of the Tribe line-up. Bourn was never a power hitter, but zero homers
    and 18-RBI in 79 games is less than anemic. So are his .222-BA and .294-OBP.
    He can't even run anymore. With 316 career stolen bases, he has only seven
    in 11 attempts this year with 23 runs.

RF.....SHIN-SOO CHOO/TEX.....11-HR, 38-RBI and a .221-BA. Is this what a
    $14-million season salary buys these days? Choo is the only player who made
    consecutive 2014 & 2015 All-Stiff teams.

DH.....ADAM LaROCHE/CWS.....Of the many failed White Sox off-season acquisitions,
    LaRoche might be the most disappointing. In a homerun friendly ballpark he has
    just 4-HR & 11-RBI on the South Side this season. The WSox knew they'd be getting
    a lot of strikeouts from LaRoche (90 so far), but at least that's lots better than
    his predecessor Adam Dunn. Overall, LaRoche has 9-HR, 33-RBI and a puny .222-BA.  

RHP.....RICK PORCELLO/BOS.....He's 5-9 with a 5.90-ERA in 17 starts in the first
    year of a multi-year contract. Imagine how bad the Tiger rotation would be
    if he was still here.

LHP.....C.C. SABATHIA/NYY.....Just 4-8 with a 5.47-ERA and 19 homeruns allowed
    in 17 starts. To say he's a shadow of his former self would be an understatement
    since he's so big he blocks out the sun when on the mound.

MGR.....WALT WEISS/COL.....The Rockies were an MLB third worst 40-55 at the
    break last year when we made him our All-Stiff manager. They've improved.
    The Rocks are only fourth worst at 39-49 this season. How does this guy not
    get fired?



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