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Posted on: 12-23-2014

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My Christmas Wish List:

I wish the Michigan Wolverines
DO NOT get Jim Harbaugh as their
new head football coach.
It's not because this Spartan
booster is AFRAID Harbaugh will
post a threat to Michigan State.
I want Harbaugh to stay in the NFL
(with Oakland or Chicago) so whoever UofM gets as second choice will
automatically start behind the 8-ball.
The Michigan alumni and Walmart Wolverine fans will grumble about the new
guy because they didn't get their prime target and, even if the man behind
door #2 is successful, his tenure will be short just like that of Rich Rodriguez.
How is Rich Rod doing these days? He's pretty darn successful at Arizona.
By the way, I don't think Harbaugh's current employer, the San Francisco
49ers, sent him a "Happy Birthday" tweet like UofM did Tuesday.

I wish Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat much success as new
Pitt Panthers head football coach.
Formal announcement of his hiring is expected this weekend.
Just PLEASE stay a Spartan for the New Year's Day Cotton Bowl.

I wish Johan Franzen and Stephen Weiss good health for the rest of the
NHL season.
Before their recent and seemingly annual December swoon, the Red Wings
did pretty good with the young guys in the lineup.
If Franzen and Weiss can stay on the ice and out of the trainer's room
the Wings have a chance to be special come playoff time.
Both scored as the Wings snapped their six game losing streak by beating
Buffalo 6-3 Tuesday night.
Better add Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsuk to that list.
And Jimmy Howard too. Howie has had a much better bounce back season
than I thought he was capable of.
Believe it or not, as I was typing this Tuesday night, Weiss took a hit to
the head and was helped to the dressing room in his first game back from back
from a shoulder injury.

I wish that agent Scott Boras and Tiger Prez/CEO/GM Dave Dombrowski
somehow meet in the middle and Max Scherzer re-signs with the Tigers.
Only Mike Ilitch knows how deep his pockets are and how much the ailing
85-year old owner wants to gamble on an illusive World Series Championship.
Although things didn't pan out in 2014, Scherzer, David Price and Justin
Verlander gave Detroit a top three rotation trio unmatched in major league
If Anibal Sanchez (injured in August of this past season) is your fourth
starter, you're as deep as it gets.
Keeping Scherzer would put 2014 National League All-Star Alfredo Simon
back in the bullpen, where he pitched prior to being in Cincinnati's rotation
this past season.
The Bengal bullpen can use all the help it can get.

I wish Stan Van Gundy a nice new shovel.
It's clear he had no idea how deep the Piston hole was when he climbed into
it as new Prez/Head Coach.

I wish the Lions a Christmas week miracle: A win at Green Bay.




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